Face-off Dark Circles 01: Jennifer Glasby

First day!! Nervous to take photo with no make up but excited to see the changes!!

click on photo to see left and right side. Not sure why it’s showing my forehead lol

Day 2!! I love the smell of lotion for my right eye! It smells like I have cake on my face lol


Day 3!!!


Day 4!!


Day 5! I do not see any changes yet. But looking forward to less dark circles. I know it could take time.

image image

Day 6 !!!

Day 7! Still no changes


Day 8!

Day 9

Day 1020190328_233859 20190328_233832

Day 11!!

Day 12

Day 13

Hey Jennifer!

Great uploads! I see you haven’t posted photos in a while - remember to upload daily! Let me know if there’s anything I can help with to get you there.


Sorry…got busy with family stuff. I took them just forgot to post. Doing it now

Day 14

Day 1520190404_193352

Day 16

Day 1720190406_230347

Day 18