Face Off Dark Circles 01 Melissa Kester

Day 1: I am loving the left eye serum gel because it feels like it is actually going to do something because the consistency is much thicker than the right eye lotion.

Day 2: I can already see that the left eye serum is already lightening my undereye area better than the right eye


Hey Melissa! Great uploads! I see you haven’t posted photos in a while - remember to upload daily! Let me know if there’s anything I can help with to get you there.


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Day 3: Today I asked my husband which under eye he thought looked lighter and he said my right eye. I wasn’t too sure of his opinion at first. But then I think I noticed it looked lighter than my left under eye.

Day 4: I can’t really see too much change to the color of my under eyes.

Day 5: I think I can tell that my left under eye looks lighter than the right again! It seems to be switching. lol

Day 6: I can’t really tell again which under eye looks lighter to me.

Day 7: I am hope to start seeing a major difference between both under
eyes. IMG_20190329_184513682%20-%20Edited

Day 8: Still waiting to see a dramatic change. Not giving up here! IMG_20190401_201317899%20-%20Edited

Day 9: I think I am starting to notice that the under eye area is getting tighter.

Day 10: I did notice that I did not have to put on more than one application of under eye concealer when I was wearing makeup earlier

today which is nice!

Day 11: Not too much change noticed today.

Day 12: The area under my eyes seems to be staying the same the past few days.IMG_20190401_201333903%20-%20Edited

Day 13: I see that the eye area is starting to tighten up a bit.

Day 14: Not much change today.

Day 15: I think the eye areas are looking younger.

Day 16: Still waiting to see more changes.

Day 17: Nothing new to report.

Day 18: Not seeing much of a difference.

Day 19: Starting to see both under eyes looking a bit more lighter in color.