Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Ali



So here we go! “Before” pics! I’m so excited for this!


Hi @Ali would love to start seeing your daily upload pictures…


Ok, I haven’t received the product yet that’s why I didn’t post yet. Would u like me to go ahead and post anyway?


Nope, can’t post without product, hopefully it won’t be long!


Ok I didn’t think so! I will start as soon as I get it! I just didn’t want u to think I wasn’t participating or anything. I am very excited and thankful for this opportunity! I will keep u posted on the delivery status. Will I get penalized for non participation? Thanks again!


It looks like there’s a few others who haven’t received their packages yet either. No, you won’t get penalized for not posting something you don’t have!


Ok thank you! I just have been so excited about this opportunity and hope that it gets here soon!!!


Hi @John! I’m hoping I will receive the products at the beginning of the week!?? When I start, for my first post, do I put, Day 1??(since everyone’s day 1 is different)


I hope so too! Yes, you’ll start with day 1.