Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Ali



So here we go! “Before” pics! I’m so excited for this!


Hi @Ali would love to start seeing your daily upload pictures…


Ok, I haven’t received the product yet that’s why I didn’t post yet. Would u like me to go ahead and post anyway?


Nope, can’t post without product, hopefully it won’t be long!


Ok I didn’t think so! I will start as soon as I get it! I just didn’t want u to think I wasn’t participating or anything. I am very excited and thankful for this opportunity! I will keep u posted on the delivery status. Will I get penalized for non participation? Thanks again!


It looks like there’s a few others who haven’t received their packages yet either. No, you won’t get penalized for not posting something you don’t have!


Ok thank you! I just have been so excited about this opportunity and hope that it gets here soon!!!


Hi @John! I’m hoping I will receive the products at the beginning of the week!?? When I start, for my first post, do I put, Day 1??(since everyone’s day 1 is different)


I hope so too! Yes, you’ll start with day 1.


Day 1

@John is this correct?


Hi John! Finally got the samples! I started last night, please check and make sure I did it correctly! Do I just ‘reply’ to my thread everyday? Day 2, day 3 etc? Please let me know and thank u again for this opportunity!!


Day 2

I’m very excited, hoping these both creams work wonders on my eyes! :wink:


Day 3


Yep, that’s perfect. I wonder why they took soooo long to arrive? At any rate, awesome!! Just go at your own pace, not everyone is synchronized, and I think that’s OK!


Ok great!! I have no idea why it took so long!! I’m just so glad to finally get started! Praying for amazing results!! Just curious, do you tell us at the end the products we’ve been using?? Thanks again for this opportunity !


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7