Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Brooke Barnes


I am extremely excited that I was chosen to participate in the Eye Cream 01 Face Off! WAHOO!
Below are my before photos. I can’t wait to see what this eye cream will do for my lines, the puffiness, and on most days, the dark circles under my eyes when I am not wearing makeup.



Ok. So I know I wear glasses, but I do have them on right now, and I don’t see ANY lines, puffiness or dark circles!:face_with_monocle: Your eye area looks soooooo youthful and rested! Your photos could actually be AFTER pictures.:blush:


You are WAY too kind. This was a good evening after giving myself a facial with a mask and a long hot bath. First thing in the morning or right after I’ve removed my makeup in the evening … not so pretty. :slight_smile: But THANK YOU sweeums! You put a big smile on my face last night after I read your comment. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Day 1 PM
I love the smell of both eye creams but like the smell of the right side the most. I like the consistency of the one of the left side more though.


Day 2 PM
My skin is super splotchy tonight after my shower. Not sure why. Very uneven below the eyes.


Day 3
I look tired. Ugh. It’s been a REALLY long Monday!


Day 4. I ALMOST forgot! Yikes!


Day 5!
IT’S HUMP DAY! At least I look awake this time. Well, mostly.


HI Brooke, try angling the camera to get more of your eye skin area (opposed to your eyeball).


What, you don’t like my eyeballs? :joy:
Understood. :slight_smile: I’ll try doing a better job this evening.


No worries, it’s a common theme we’re seeing (you’re not alone) so I just sent out a quick tip.


Day 6. So glad that tomorrow is Friday!
Not really seeing a difference yet, which is pretty normal for an eye cream from what I’ve read.
I sure do love falling asleep to the smell of them though!


These are your best pics yet.


Day 7
It’s Friday!


Day 8.
My husband wouldn’t stop making me laugh. Do you know how hard it is to keep a serious face with that dude around? :rofl:


Day 9.
It’s Sunday. Tomorrow’s Monday. Bleck. :rofl:


Day 10!
Seriously, my husband thinks it’s hilarious to interrupt me and make me laugh. And then he comments, “oh look! I see some wrinkles when you’re laughing!” The jerk. :rofl:
So yeah, I had to take at least four front photos before I got one that worked.
Also, I seem to have a lovey zit on my left eye area and an irritation/allergy attack in my right eye. Sheesh! Happy Monday! :grin:


Your hubby sounds like a keeper, it’s a gift to make someone laugh!


He is amazing, I can vouch for that. He keeps me laughing daily … 19.5 years and counting! No wonder I have wrinkles when I giggle! :joy:


Day 11. It’s only Tuesday? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: