Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Brooke Barnes


Day 12. I know. The pics aren’t great. I’m not feeling well so this is what y’all get.

image image image


Great pictures! I saw your post about getting the error code. I’m getting the same. I figured I would try to post on your thread to see if it would let you post your next pictures. Let me know if it works.


Day 13. Oh the joys of having a fever … makes me rosy! :grin:


That did it. You reply allowed me to post. Thanks!
Now, if we can find out what the issue is …


Just a default setting to prevent overzealous people from dominating a topic I guess. I’ve altered the parameter to be more generous.


Day 14. We got home pretty late last night. Took the pics then forgot to post. Sadly, one of the side pics isn’t great.


Day 15! Holy cow! We’re already at the half-way mark!
It’s funny really … I don’t see wrinkles until after I put on makeup and then when I smile. Go figure.


Day 16! Two more days of work and then we’re off to Vegas for four days of bliss! Yay!


How fun! What are your favorite table games? Have any shows lined up?


We actually don’t gamble. We just go for the entertainment, food, drinks, and shopping! We’ve seen so many shows there that I think we might be running dry on things we want to see. This round, no shows. We are actually doing this instead: https://www.venetian.com/resort/attractions/the-void.html. :robot::nerd_face:


That looks like a lot of fun. I’ve played with some VR stuff and it’s really cool. You’ll have a blast I’m sure!


Day 17 … man I don’t like Monday’s! :sleeping:


Day 18! Omg I took the pics but forgot to post last night because I fell asleep on the couch. Good grief.

And just for fun … this is what I look like when my husband won’t stop making me laugh while trying to take pics!


Day 19 … Happy Turkey Eve!


Day 20! Happy Thanksgiving!!! :turkey:


Day 21! Had a fantastic day here in Vegas! I’m a little rosy due to just scrubbing my face though.
Happy Black Friday!


Day 22! I’m going to miss the super fun free time we’ve been having here in Vegas!
Freshly scrubbed face ahead!
P.S. hubby edited these. Hah!


Day 23! We got home late last night due to horrible holiday traffic from Vegas back to SLC. A six hour drive turned into 10 hours.
I did take my pics but forgot to post. We were exhausted. After laying in bed for about ten minutes, cuddled in all nice and warm, and almost being asleep my husband murmured, “did you post your pics?” I decided that being warm and cozy was much more important and murmured back, “I’ll do it in the morning,” in which he murmured again … “slacker.” :laughing:


Yuck! Glad you’re back safely, slacker :wink:


Right? Total slacker. :wink: