Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Danielle


I hope I’m not too late on this (was on a short vacation). Here are my before photos. I struggle a lot with dark circles (the joy of having toddlers) and am starting to develop more wrinkles. I’m hoping this test will help me find a product that will improve my dark circles and help prevent/decrease my wrinkles.


Day One

I had to wait a day since my daughter poked me in the eye yesterday, but all better today. So far both creams are moisturizing and soak into my skin nicely! I did notice that the left cream, sample B, has a heavier scent to it but it doesn’t last which I like. Here are my day one photos!


Awesome pics! Love how you labeled them, too :slight_smile:


Thanks! I figured that way they wouldn’t get mixed up/I wouldn’t get them mixed up!


Day Two! Not noticing a difference yet but my eyes are nice and moisturized!


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5
I thought I did a good job with photos but they turned out a bit off today. So far I think both sides are performing well but not sure which is better yet.


Day 6

I remembered to take photos but got a few days behind on posting. Here’s the weekends photos!


Day 7


Day 8

I have noticed that the milia (at least I think that’s what it is) under my left eye seems to be getting better or at least less obvious.


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Day 14


Day 15

Halfway through. I’m not sure if there’s a huge difference yet but I think the left eye cream is working better for me. My under eye area appears smoother and my under eye circles seem a little brighter.


Day 16


Day 17