Face-Off: Eye Cream 01-Freedom


Day Nineteen
Happy Thanksgiving!:turkey::corn::pie: I hope everyone has a safe holiday.


Day Twenty
I made another discovery today. While looking at my face in a magnification mirror, it seemed that there are now less lines directly under my right eye. And although I noticed earlier on that the puffiness on the outskirts of my left eye, above my cheek has diminished. I’m now noticing the puffiness directly under my right eye has is diminishing.


Day Twenty-One


Day Twenty-Two


Day Twenty-Three
Only seven more days, it’s going by so fast.:dash:


I can hardly believe it myself. I wonder if having accountability to a routine will stick with some folks?


For me, having to photograph my face from three angles daily has given me a totally different perspective of the condition of my skin. For instance, I never knew I had exposed blood vessels on the sides of my nose!:flushed: The photography also reveals how the products I’m using are actually performing. This was such a great idea and experience! I intend to continue to journal pictorially.:+1:t4:


Day Twenty-Four


Day Twenty-Five


Day Twenty-Six


Day Twenty-Seven Only three more days, unbelievable! I have to say I’ve seen improvement on both eyes, in different areas, but my left eye seems most improved, especially the upper lid. Once the thirty days have ended, I think I’ll reverse the creams and use them on the opposite eyes, to see the results.


Day Twenty-Eight


Day Twenty-Nine


Day Thirty I believe what I’ve decided to do going forward is, use one eye cream on both eyes in the morning, then use the other eye cream on both eyes at night.