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Happy Thanksgiving!


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I haven’t really commented on my thoughts so far. The left eye cream is a little thicker and smells a bit like baby powder. The right eye cream is a little thinner. I really like the smell. They both absorb quickly and easily. I can feel my skin tighten after applying them both as well. I am not really sure which one I like more. From the pictures it looks like the left one is working a little better. I have noticed however that when I smile the lines by the corner of my right eye are not as noticeable as the left. I have really enjoyed testing these so far. I look forward to see the results and learn which eye creams that they are.


Ditto! I’m excited to find out the brands. I also love the smell of the right side more but also find the left side pleasant. But I have noticed more of a difference on the right side of my face with a bit of wrinkle decrease when smiling or squinting.


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Day 30. My apologies, these were from last night that I took and forgot to post.