Face-Off: Eye Cream 01: Shayna




Hi @CosmoNicole would love to start seeing your daily upload pictures…


Yes sir, planned on starting today actually. :slight_smile: Got my package in the mail yesterday! Be on the lookout…So excited to see how this turns out!!


Day 1:

Edit: These pictures are crap! After I uploaded them and compared them to my before photos, I realized this. I’m missing my light I had in the first pics so tomorrow I’m getting a light bulb for it. Promise! Tomorrow’s photos will be better. :smile:


Day 2:

Note: I had to switch phones, my other one was not wanting to focus. These are much better quality pics in my opinion. I can definitely see all my fine lines! :laughing: From now on my pictures will be exactly the same. Sorry I’ve had so much trouble!


Day 3:

So far really loving the creams! Both smell wonderful!


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:

This is what I have noticed so far. The right eye cream leaves a residue behind, I don’t quite know what it is. The left eye cream doesn’t. Left eye cream is a little less think than the right though. I think I’m noticing a slight change on my right eye with the darkness and fine lines, so I will report back on that. So far though, I’m really liking both.


Love hearing about your thoughts and progress, thank you Shayna!


Day 8:


Day 9:


Shayna, these are your highest quality pics yet, great job!


Day 10:

Progress Report: So far so good! The right eye is still showing more improvement than the left eye. I have noticed that the right eye cream leaves a silky feeling after it dries down while the left eye cream is a bit more tacky. I am seeing some improvement on my left eye but it’s not as noticeable. :heart:


Day 11:


Day 12:


Day 13:

Okay y’all, two other people besides me has said they can see a difference on my right eye. They say it looks better. I can see a difference in my left but it’s progress has been slow.I can’t wait to find out what each eye cream is!


Day 14:


Day 15:

I’m halfway through and so far I’m seeing decreasing in my fine lines on both eyes. My under eyes look just overall (somewhat) firmer and lifted, more so on my right eye but my left eye is showing improvements finally sooo…we shall see!