Face-Off: Eye Cream 01: Shayna




Hi @CosmoNicole would love to start seeing your daily upload pictures…


Yes sir, planned on starting today actually. :slight_smile: Got my package in the mail yesterday! Be on the lookout…So excited to see how this turns out!!


Day 1:

Edit: These pictures are crap! After I uploaded them and compared them to my before photos, I realized this. I’m missing my light I had in the first pics so tomorrow I’m getting a light bulb for it. Promise! Tomorrow’s photos will be better. :smile:


Day 2:

Note: I had to switch phones, my other one was not wanting to focus. These are much better quality pics in my opinion. I can definitely see all my fine lines! :laughing: From now on my pictures will be exactly the same. Sorry I’ve had so much trouble!


Day 3:

So far really loving the creams! Both smell wonderful!


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:

This is what I have noticed so far. The right eye cream leaves a residue behind, I don’t quite know what it is. The left eye cream doesn’t. Left eye cream is a little less think than the right though. I think I’m noticing a slight change on my right eye with the darkness and fine lines, so I will report back on that. So far though, I’m really liking both.


Love hearing about your thoughts and progress, thank you Shayna!


Day 8:


Day 9:


Shayna, these are your highest quality pics yet, great job!


Day 10:

Progress Report: So far so good! The right eye is still showing more improvement than the left eye. I have noticed that the right eye cream leaves a silky feeling after it dries down while the left eye cream is a bit more tacky. I am seeing some improvement on my left eye but it’s not as noticeable. :heart: