Face-Off: Eye Cream 01: Shayna


Day 16:


Day 17:

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! It’s been a longgg day! :sleeping:


Day 18:


Day 19:


Day 20:


Day 21:


Day 22:


Okay I’ve been noticing some dryness at the corners of my eyes…I don’t know if it the creams or the weather. :thinking: Hmm?


Day 23:


Day 24:

So far I’m seeing improvements on both eyes, I’m starting to see somewhat of a lifted look and less discoloration. :crossed_fingers: Both creams go quite a ways, so a little goes a long way! Getting closer to the 30 day mark! :slight_smile:


Day 25: :smile:


Day 26:

My post is late tonight! Today was my birthday and I just got time. I’m sorry!


Happy Birthday, I hope it was a good one!


Thank you so much @John! :heart: I truly appreciate it. I had a great day. :slight_smile: I didn’t do anything extravagant, I just sit at the house but I got to spend my day with my little boy! :blue_heart:


Day 27: We are just a few days away from the 30! Wow! Time has flew by. :exploding_head:


Day 28: My face is very angry right now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s so annoying! :roll_eyes: UGH!

I’m still seeing some improvements! Not a drastic change but some. That’s good enough for me! I plan on continuing to use the eye creams and documenting my results. :slight_smile: I’m excited to see the changes that happen over a longer period of time.


Day 29:


Day 30: WOO-HOO! We made it to day 30! :smile:

My thoughts thus far :thought_balloon: …I have really enjoyed both creams! The smell, texture, absorbability, EVERYTHING. :hugs: Both have a distinct smell that’s very different from each other. I can’t wait to find out what brand each one is. :face_with_monocle: I don’t have a favorite really, as I think it’s just to early still to make a decision based solely on results. :thinking: I have seen small improvements on both eyes, I can’t wait to see the difference after some more use. :star_struck: This has been a very rewarding experience that has kept me on a routine and I plan on keeping the routine that I have developed! Stay tuned, I will be continuing to post progress pictures once every week, at the least, until I run out of product! Xo :heart: :upside_down_face:


Awesome, so glad you enjoyed it! I remember you were initially apprehensive, congratulations on making it through! Also, thank you for taking more pics, I think the results will be even more dramatic given longer usage. Stay tuned for next steps!


Thank youuu! Yes, I was very apprehensive. But, I DID IT!!! I’m so glad I did. I love being a part of this community. I can’t wait to see what’s next! And you’re welcome! Lol!