Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Tammy Matthews



I hope we will get to test something for dark undereyes and wrinkles and uneven skin tones.


I’m still waiting on my products to show in the mail I cant wait to get started, and I will be posting my result in the morning after I cleanse my face


I recieved my face off goodies I will start tomorrow morning and I changed my mind I’ll be taking my pictures in the morning…2 B continued…


May I ask , did it come regular mail?


Yes it came in regular mail…


Day 1 i have alot of fine lines on my face and i hope this combats them, my skin is dry and breaking out and I’m excited to get started.


I just applied both creams on the right side the cream is more dense and felt thick and the left was a little more watery both smelled great and they both didnt need much to cover each side both are very moisturizing.


Day2 well the right side soaks in good font leave a oily residue and the left leaves a oily residue all day long,
The right side seems like it just feels firmer and the right just feels the same just very lubricated. Sorry I took the pictures just forgot to post


Hi Tammy I want to make sure you understand only one cream per each side of your face, your bottles should be marked.


Sorry I ment to say each side.


Day4 I’ve been applying the cream I’ve just been forgetting to post but I’ve been applying right to the right side and it makes my skin firm and my skin soaks the formula right up no greasy residue and can feel a difference in skin texture, I applied left cream to left side my face it’s a little bit more runny and leaves a residue and my skin feels overly greasy and feels heavy on skin


Great commentary, thank you Tammy! Don’t forget to post and watch that backlight!


Okay thank you for this opportunity.


Day 5 well the same as yesterday the cream I applied to the right side is working making my skin firmer and I can tell a difference with the undereye area the left side is the same I see or feel no change and it leaves a heavy residue behind but they both smell so good, I hope to find which one works best but only time will tell.


Day 7 well so far so good but I have to set a reminder to remember to post, but it’s pretty much the same the cream on the right seems to be working and the cream on the left is just making my face extremely greasy and its causing my skin to over produce oil i think but i enjoy the smell of both but I’m just curious about what cream I’m putting on the right side. Its awesome.


Day 11 I’m still using the creams on both sides my face and now I can definitely seeing a change on the right side but on the left I’m not it just looks the same but very moisturized


I’m sorry about not being present I’ve been dealing with some sickness well I’m better and ready to start again I’m going to start over with day one


Day 1 the right side is still working firming my skin and completely absorbed and can tell a big difference under my eyes, and the left just extremely greasy I’ve seen no difference except my skin is overly moisturized.


What happened to the lighting in those pics!?!?