Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Wendy B


Day 16


Day 17 unexpected travel this weekend so photos are not in the typical location.

Feelings on cream thus far: I know treatments such as antiaging creams take time to show results. Thus far, I do not see or feel any difference other than perhaps being more hydrated. Typically, at this time point, I would want to see some hint of results in order to continue treatment. I am not getting that with this product. I will continue throughout this Face-Off and hope that results reveal themselves in the upcoming days.


Day 18


Thank you for sharing your thoughts so far! If I had to wager I guess, I’d say most people have probably a 2 week internal meter for wanting to see results before losing hope. However, this is probably an unrealistic for a skincare product to have time to do its best work. Most clinical trials I’ve read about are around 8 weeks long. Recall that it takes at least one month just for skin to rejuvenate itself! We would have run the Face-Off for 8 weeks for this reason, but since it’s our first one and we weren’t sure if people would even be able to commit to 30 days, we shot for an achievable goal, but I’ll mention now and will probably do so again, we welcome everyone to keep posting after the 30 days and to use up the products we’ve sent you in their entirety to get full effect.


Day 19


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