Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Whitney S


New and cropped photos of freshly washed face excuse the wild brows!! :joy: (before pictures)


Just received the eye creams yesterday and took the pictures (with a clean bare face) included this AM. I will be taking my progress pictures each morning.


Day 1 morning pictures of trying the creams. Both containers had leaked out slightly during shipping but there is still a lot left in both so no worries.


Very nice pictures!

Glad you didn’t lose too much product during shipping, and thank you for the feedback.


Day 2


Tip… rather than looking left or right, can we get a better shot of the left and right sides of your eye :wink:


Ah…noted. Will try that with the next few pictures. Thanks for the tip! :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 3:


Day 4: So four days in with following the instructions (cleanse face once in the morning and once at nighy, applying the creams each time) and it appears as if my right eye is showing some signs of improvement sooner than the left eye.


Interesting, thank you for the comment. @Tammy_Matthews just posted something similar about feeling like her right eye was showing signs of improvement.


Day 5: These pictures were taken this morning and while I’m seeing slight improvement with the left side, the right side is still showing more immediate signs of improvement.


Day 6: Early morning pictures. Still seeing progress with the right eye and minimal progress with the left following directions that were included with this experiment. About a week in, I’m optimistic that possibly the cream for the left eye will make some leaps, at least visually, next week and beyond! :grinning:


Day 7: Happy Saturday! Here we are at the end of the first week and it actually looks like there’s progress on the left side compared to previous pictures. Right side is still going strong and improving! :grinning:


Day 8: From what I can see the left eye is still starting to gain traction in improving and the right is still keeping on…


Day 9: Happy Veterans Day! I got confused yesterday until I looked at the calendar. Apparently today is when it’s observed…I did not know that. :grinning: Anywho… here’s today’s fresh crop of pictures from this morning. Seeing results on both sides which is great!


Day 10: My apologies for the late posting. I took the pictures this morning and got distracted by the randomness that is household duties. Anyway…this morning’s pictures.


Great pics, give us that side view instead of looking to the right/left :wink:


Day 11: Bare faced shots from this morning. Today has been kinda hectic because it’s my birthday :blush:


Happy Birthday! Here’s some guilt free :cake: for you :slight_smile:


Day 12: Good morning and happy Thursday! Here’s todays fresh pics!