Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Whitney S


Day 13: Happy Friday! Hope everyone is at least having a great morning if not a great week. Looking at the new pictures, the right side is still doing it’s thing with the left kindaaa moving slow but, little by little, getting better. :blush:


Day 14: Happy Saturday! Here’s this mornings fresh pics!


Day 15: Happy Sunday! Today marks the halfway point and here are today’s bare faced and fresh pics.


Day 16: Is it really Monday already?! :joy: Last week flew by and- on top of that- Thanksgiving is, like, tomorrow. :fearful: I’m kidding…I know it’s on Thursday. Haha! Anyways…here’s this mornings fresh pics.


Day 17: Fresh pics! Hmm…:thinking: Anddd out from behind, the left eye has some gains! :grin: Not sure what the cream is for the left eye but it’s definitely keeping me on my toes. The right side is still keeping up though so no surprise there.


Day 18: :woozy_face: Oy! In all the madness of getting things together for Thanksgiving (lists, shopping, several errands, cleaning) I forgot to post this mornings pictures! :fearful: At least I remembered to take them!


Day 19: Happy Thanksgiving!


Day 20:


Day 21: Good morning and Happy Saturday! I’m not seeing as much of a significant change in this mornings pictures today but since everything is steady then there’s no worries on my end. :blush:


Day 22: Good morning and Happy Sunday. Is anyone else still feeling the effects of Thanksgiving? I am! :sweat_smile: And we still have a good smount of food to get through! Anyways…this mornings pics are below!


Day 23: Start of a new week! It’s already the end of November and it seems like it flew! :blush:


Yes, I’m trying to get back into my workout routine… have a lot of stuffing and pies to start exercising off :slight_smile:


Me too! :grinning: I will be hitting the ground running once the very last of our leftovers is gone!


Day 24: Happy Tuesday! Getting down to the wire. As it stands righy now it appears that the right side cream has shown more consistent and significant results over the left side.


How much product do you have left? Are you game to continue to exhaust the jar?


I still have quite a bit of it left…at least half if i had to guesstimate. I’d definitely be game to exhaust the jar. :sunglasses:


Day 25: Happy Wednesday! Can’t believe it’s already hump day…week is already flying by. :hourglass_flowing_sand: Fresh faced morning pics below…


Day 26: Hope everyone’s Thursday is starting out well and, if not, I hope it gets better. :blush: This A.M.'s pics!


Day 27: Good morning and Happy Friday! The weekend is here! :blush:


Day 28: