Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - Whitney S


Day 29: Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a good weekend! :blush:


Day 30: Well here we are at the last day of the experiment and it looks like the cream on the right showed the most progress overall . While there were some changes on the left eye it was fairly slow. I definitely want to keep using the creams beyond today until they’re finished just to see if more improvements are to come!


After Face-Off, 10 Days Later: Happy Thursday! Still using the creams as I have for the past month and things still look about the same. There have been no major changes in my daily/nightly routine other than staying up a little too late some nights and not getting enough sleep (my own fault,admittedly).


After Face-Off, 10 MORE days later: Merry Christmas Eve Eve! These pics were taken early afternoon (I overslept!). The right side is still looking good and the left hasn’t had much change.


Loving the follow up!!! Keep going. We’re still compiling everything for y’all, stay tuned.