Face-Off - Final Days!


Hello @FO_Eye_Cream_01!

Many of you are nearing the end of your 30 day commitment. Congratulations to everyone who has stuck with the regimen, this has been so much fun!

What next?
We’ll be working on combining the before and after pics for the next couple of weeks while we wait for everyone else to finish their regimen. Also, be on the lookout for some polls to collect your thoughts about the creams.

Please make sure you take the best 30 day pictures possible so we can easily see the before and after results!

We encourage everyone to continue using the products until they are finished, and to keep using the same products on each eye. You are no longer required to post once your commitment has been completed, although I’m sure everyone would love to continue to see updates. If you want to take pics every 10 days and post them that is OK by us! (Seriously, please do :slight_smile:)

Stay tuned while we work on assembling the before/after pics, polls, and prepare everything for the big reveal! You’re collective commitment to this experiment has been incredible, and we thank you so much for being a part of it!

New to Face-Off? Browse it here: https://forum.communitycosmetics.com/c/face-off/eye-cream-01

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I want to redo my 30 day pictures…can I delete and redo?


I mean day 30 pictures lol


Of course! You can always remove your post and redo.


Will we find out the names of products?


I don’t mind continuing to use and post. Is there a way you could remind me on the 10th day? I’m just worried I’ll forget to post with that much of a gap. Or maybe a group email to those who want to continue?


Can’t wait to find out the final reveal (the products used)! I have set up a reminder to post every 10 days after today (since for me, it’s day 30).
My hubby says he notices a difference on the left eye. I guess that means something, right? I notice a difference on the right eye and the left eye at this point.

Day 30 coming later this evening! Let’s see what I can get outta my camera for a final post!


I’ve been meaning to ask @John, did you also participate in the eye cream Face Off behind the scenes?


@John hey! Will we find out what products we’ve been using?


@Ali & @Dana_Koval
Absolutely, we wouldn’t keep it a secret!


Since everyone is on a different day, there’s not a great way for me to do that. But you could ask Siri or Google to give you a reminder for 10 days from your 30th day :slight_smile:


Ive enjoyed watching this little experiment each day and comparing differences. So fun! I even have a theory as to what the brands are. I would be shocked if Im wrong :smile:


I soo excited to find out what creams we were using! I’m pretty sure I know one of them but the other one I have an idea but I’m not 100% sure…


Hey! Did you ever find out?? I can’t wait to hear what they were! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the reveal. I don’t see an email or anything though!


Not yet in sure we’ll get a notification