Face-Off Poll!

Hey all!

Great news - we have Face-Off updates!

Today we launch our Poll, where we ask you all (whether or not you participated in Face-Off) to look at before and after photos and tell us which cream YOU think worked best based on photos.

The reason we are doing this is that sometimes we are harder on ourselves in photos, and sometimes we are only looking for one particular result. Having strangers evaluate photos can provide much more objective feedback and provide insights that we ourselves might not see.

SO, take this poll asap and then we will be able to do the big reveal!!


As always, let me know if you have any questions!


Done! I wasn’t sure how to mark this, but for some of the “big change” pics, the “after” actually looked worse. For others, the lighting was so different that I couldn’t tell either way, so I put “some change” because I didn’t know what else to do.


I honestly can’t tell. I just completed the poll but I feel like some before pictures looked lighter than the after ones and less puffier too. So I am not too sure.

I agree with the above. Most of the before photos looked better than the after. Although there are a few that I can really tell made a difference.

I took the poll when I saw the post on IG.

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This is the tough part about selfies. It’s really hard to get the lighting the same consistently for 30 days. We edited as best we could without distorting the image. Try to focus on the eyes :slight_smile:

I did :slight_smile: Most of the pictures where fine, but in some it was hard to tell whether one of the photos had actual dark circles or whether it was caused by the angle of the light source casting a shadow from the brow bone.

That said, I know this kind of stuff is pretty impossible to control for in home use tests. I’m guessing most people here don’t own their own photo studio and therefore they don’t really have the option to mount a pro camera with proper lenses and flash on a tripod, then photograph themselves in one of those photo tents with white tarp.

I know this wasn’t the point of the before/after pics, but I actually also learned a lot from seeing the enormous differences due to varied zoom distance, camera angles, lighting source aim/color/intensity, etc. I was always aware that all of that makes a difference, but this really put into perspective why the same makeup look can be so different whether I’m looking in a mirror at Sephora vs at home, or looking at a selfie vs photo by tall friend vs photo by short friend, etc.

Agreeing with the other comments… the after looked worse than the before! I even noticed it on myself. Strange

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I noticed some had more shadow on the after picture so it was a bit hard to tell.

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@Melissa_Levick this gave me an idea for a weekly post! I think it could be fun to have people post photos with concealer, redness reducing primer, “instantly effective” under eye cream, etc. on only half of their face and then other members would guess which side it’s on. (I just did this in person with my bf after getting some new undereye concealer… he guessed the wrong eye)

The majority of them I’ve seen was no difference… Some it seemed like they dark circles was worse than before.

Cool poll LOL. I think a lot didn’t see much difference. The ones that saw improvement, was more in the puffiness than anything else. Dark circles didn’t go away, wrinkles were still there.

FYI: I saw my own eye and wanted to die. It looked worse. But that is no reflection on the product, but more my seasonal allergies that do a number on my eyes :frowning: