Face-Off results - the big reveal!


Drum roll please! Announcing the results of our first Face-Off Challenge!

In August we announced our first ever Face-Off Challenge to the community as a way to truly test the effectiveness of the claims of two different eye creams. The challenge was blind - so we sent out samples of two different creams repackaged so that our testers didn’t know what was in each. We asked you to apply each twice a day, over the course of 30 days, and upload photos everyday so that we can see real results of each cream.

First, let’s look at who took the challenge, what they felt are their biggest skin care concerns, and a bit more about them:

We asked which creams you wanted to see tested and 131 suggestions came through! You all had incredible suggestions that we’ve documented for future Face-Off Challenges. Ultimately we decided to test two of the most popular and readily available brands out there so that we could find the truth about the brands that most women have access to in the US.

And the winner is…

Without further ado, the winner is… there is no winner! Neither cream had conclusive and significant data to earn it the designation as the winner.

We asked all of our testers to tell us which sample they thought was the most effective:

We also asked a larger group of about 1000 people to weigh in on their thoughts, based on the before and after photo submissions. Their results are below:

(If you’d like to see all of the before and after photos, see this post!)

This might sound anticlimactic, but it’s not a bad thing! It means that you have options out there - that the more expensive option isn’t always the more effective option. But more on that later… let’s learn more about what you thought about each cream.

Sample A

More respondents said they felt Sample A - Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream - worked better for their skin than Sample B. Respondents quoted that they “saw less depth to wrinkles”, that “this product worked beautifully at reducing fine lines and evening out skin tone”, and that the product was “thick”, “creamy”, and “hydrating”, so they didn’t have to use much product to get maximum results.

Whitney, who reported “Aging” and “dark circles” as her largest skincare concerns reported that Sample A was most effective for her skin. In her own words, “my experience with product ‘A’ was great. The cream itself was light, odorless, went on the skin smoothly and showed fairly quick results compared to product ‘B’.”

Check out the results Whitney got!

Brooke, another fan of Sample A, said, “first, I LOVED the scent of both A and B; however, the consistency of A was thicker and I had to use much less product. I saw a very slight difference between the effectiveness between A and B but my husband and I both agreed that we saw less depth to wrinkles in the mornings upon awakening on the right side with product A.” See for yourself below:

Sample B

Sample B - Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream - also had plenty of favorites. Twenty-four percent of respondents rated Pond’s as effective, even some of those who ultimately chose Olay as their favorite. The most common feedback was that “both worked, but Sample A worked faster and less product was needed.”

@Freedom said, “Product B also has a clean scent, which I like. Its consistency is thick. It spreads easily, but left a sticky after feeling on my skin. This didn’t bother me, however. I experienced some tightening of my upper eyelid, and a noticeable reduction in under eye puffiness with this cream.” Before and after photos below:

The conclusion - why pay more?

So, what does this mean? What is the point of completing all of these scientific tests, putting our testers through 30 days of applications and photo uploads, to arrive at basically a tie? The point is - sometimes the more expensive product is just as effective as the cheaper one, and the proof is in the testing. Now you know that you can get the same results and save $15, so why not?

So there you have it. One of the great mysteries of life - solved!

We hoped you enjoyed our first Face-Off! Our next Face-Off is coming up quickly - we will be testing Dark Circle creams - and we’d love for you to participate!

If you are passionate about skin care and want to follow important studies like these, or participate in our next one, then click here to read our FAQ and sign up for our next event!



Thanks for those detailed results. It is interesting to see all the pictures, read everyone’s thoughts, and really dig deep into which product might be better.


You’re welcome! What did you think? Did you have an opinion in which one was more effective?


I wasn’t a part of the test. From what I can see in the pictures I didn’t notice much of a difference, if any at all. So I lean toward neither. I think the best judges are those who used the products. They know their own faces, plus lighting changes could throw results off. It is hard to find products that make actual changes. I consider most of them to be preventatives.


I agree with you, Hallie, completely. I wasn’t part of this study either but from what I’ve heard, your lifestyle and genes determine your aging. Women are beautiful no matter if they have signs of aging or not. Sadly our society we live in believes that aging is a bad thing and we should stop it as soon as we can. In reality, the only way to prevent aging is experimenting with a healthy and active lifestyle when you’re young and continue it throughout your life. Or, you know… go back in time lol. In all seriousness, I don’t think creams help with again no matter how cheap of expensive it might be. If you’re young, you might look young. If you’re getting older, then GREAT! Embrace your natural beauty ladies.


Thanks for the results, I would use the Olay in the future!


Omg that was amazing! The wait was written; I love how all the info was put together :heart:. I am slightly surprised with the results. Hope this next one can help me find something for my dark circles… :grinning:


wow I didn’t expect either products to be the brands they turned out to be. I thought cream A was a thinner in it’s consistency… But again I was happy i was able to participate.


Was fun to take place in the face off and be able to go through each documented day to see results. I didn’t notice a difference in anything like dark circles, fine lines, or wrinkles, but I did feel that sample A was a better quality cream. It felt more hydrating and moisturizing and it absorbed into the skin faster and smoother the B. It also helped my under eye makeup application, look smoother.

pinned globally #10


I didn’t see huge differences, but I like Olay and may just plunge in there again on my next purchase. However, I’m interested in Freedom’s comment . If I could tighten up the undereyes, that’s a big deal! Thanks to all of you for taking part!:heart_eyes_cat:


Interesting read for sure! I’m actually glad the most expensive product isn’t always the most effective. These days it’s so hard to find an effective product that doesn’t cost a fortune.


My overall experience for the first Face Off was very positive. While I didn’t get the wow factor results I would have wanted from the eye creams, I’m still using them to see if any new changes emerge.
I commend @John, @Melissa_Levick and all the other CC brains and brawn that kept up with our daily posts/comments and sorted through the entire load of it all to compile them. The resulting unveiling, format and information was very well done and very professional!!:clap:t4: Face Off is yet another reason Community Cosmetics is set apart from other Cosmetics companies or communities. I’m so looking forward to the next one!


Yes i’m sure a lot of time and resources went into this. I’m very thankful for test I took part in! Thank you all very much :heart:


I wasn’t surprised to learn what the products were. I actually use the Olay and knew immediately what it was, as well as the Ponds cream I typically use in the winter months. It was super cool to learn what they were. I am a person who switches between brands based on how my skin is on any given day and also based on seasons so using the products consecutively like that really showed me more than what I had seen before having switched between brands. Im wondering if maybe that isnt the best thing to do? Does anyone else use multiple brands for targeted results?


Yes I’m all over the place. Since Christmas I’ve been sticking to a few I got into that I really like so I want to see the results of long term use. I have like 7 different brands of opened creams and serums that I started but now only use occasionally like when my skin is really dry I might switch back to another one…


Love this <3 thank you for your positivity!


Super interesting approach! A lot of the claims of the creams are that if you use it for a certain period of time, you will get certain results. I agree with you, though. I see the best results when I switch it up a lot. Maybe that’s something we should test in the future!


<3 <3 <3 thank you @freedom for the kind words!


Thats a great idea! Would love to take part.