Face-Off results - the big reveal!


I am THRILLED that I am one of the models for the outcomes. Can’t wait for the nest challenge! LOVE the outcomes!


I have a travel size jar of this Pond’s cream in my stash that I haven’t tried yet. This definitely makes me want to open the seal and try it out! Thanks :wink:


Sweet, feel free to take a before pic, do your own 30 day challenge, and post the results.


I always love seeing before and after photos! However, I must say, I don’t really see too much of a difference for any of the products. But they may just need to be used longer! There’s so many other factors that may go into that too, like certain products may work well for some, but not at all for others.


I’ve always been a fan of Olay Regenerist. I also like Loreal Revitalift.


Would love to try this product on my facial problems to see if it really works


I had a feeling that A was Olay because I am currently using the Olay microsculpting face moisturizer and it smelled the same. Although I went through the Olay one faster, I felt that it absorbed better into the eye area.


That’s really good to know! Thanks