Face-Off Results - Which cream do YOU think was most effective?


You’ve been waiting and wondering… what were the creams we tested and which cream had the best results?

Well, the results are in but we want to hear your opinion first!

Take the poll below and let us know, which cream YOU think was most effective, based on the photos provided and/or your experience with the Face-off!

The results of the poll and official results will be released next week! :partying_face:


I took the survey, but to be fair, it was difficult to judge the effectiveness of the creams from the model that was used. Her eye area was pretty much perfect before using the creams, so I didn’t really see any change.
I think using a model with some actual eye area challenges would be a better barometer for seeing results.


So excited to find out what creams I’ve been using :smiley:


I hear you! We created another poll using a different tester - feel free to vote on that one as well!


the big reveal coming soon!


Maybe it’s just me, but I I didn’t see any before or after results on the second survey’s model either. Her eye area was also perfect except for a couple of freckles.
When I think of testing an eye cream for tangible results, I think of someone with crows feet, wrinkles surrounding the eye area, puffiness, and dark circles. If either of the two models had those issues, I didn’t see them.


I’m excited to find out the brands of the creams. With both models shown, there is some lightening and slight diminishing of bags under the eyes as well as age spots but it could also be the lighting difference in with the second models photos. As for wrinkles, it does look like the skin tightened a bit on the first and second models chosen, so yes, I can see a slight difference. I still believe that Cream A was the most effective on both.


I thought for both polls cream B seemed to work better. I’m excited to see what everyone else things.


same. cream b, but only slightly


I thought side b was better, but to be fair a lot of the users didn’t have a lot of wrinkles so it was difficult to judge