Face washes for acne prone skin


i used to use neutrogena, clearasil, almay, seabreeze ( discontinued face wash), oxy, all clear bar, clean and clear and i used every new one these brands came out with over the years, but have learned that dial anti bacterial soap and dove ( the white bar) soap work better at clearing my skin then any of the brands i listed above ever did, and they even cost way less.what does everyone use for their oily/ acne prone skin and what are the best benefits you get from them?


When I’ve had bad acne I’ve always stuck with Clean and Clear. My skin used to be really dry but when I have hormonal acne occasionally I use this and other Clean and Clear face washes. My acne isn’t terrible though. For the most part I normally have clear skin.


I can’t make any suggestions off hand but have you tried Cetaphil.


i have seen cetaphil but i never have purchased it i might try that


I haven’t really had acne problems in quite some time. But I am using Cerave hydrating for face wash. I am liking it.


I just finished a bottle of the Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser (it’s a Korean brand) and loved it. It’s a foaming cleanser that helped clear up my skin. The company sent me the first bottle but, once I finish up a few cleansers I have hanging around, I’m buying another. It’s available on Amazon for $18. Never thought I’d pay even that much for a cleanser, but I really feel that it’s worth it.


Washes which contain salicylic acid (BHA) are generally recommend for acne-prone skin to help unclog pores.
I think a major misconception with acne prone skin is that you do still need to moisturize well.
Dry skin will exacerbate the acne cycle.


Alba Botanica’s Acnedote is effective.


well i didn’t use lotion on my face, because i thought it would break my skin out, so you might be right. maybe if i found a moisturizer to use after those products they may have worked better. i know dove is a moisturizering soap and very mild. might be why it worked better.


i used to not want to pay over $6 for a face wash but i also have learned that sometimes to get better results/ better quality products, you have to pay more. i might try this one out. thank you for posting


I cringe when I think of all the rubbing alcohol we used to be encouraged to clean our faces with. It did a great job at cleaning… and drying us out.


Honestly, it was kind of relieving.
When you’re that greasy, it just feels good to get it all off.
But yeah, way too drying, and only perpetuated the cycle.


my grandmother always made me use witch hazel, when i got older i bought sea breeze astringent it had eucalyptus in it, it made my skin feel so good and it smelled really good. it didn’t dry my skin out, i could feel it cleaning my pores deep down, and it stopped my breakouts. but they also quit selling it :frowning:


I’ve found using tea tree oil has been really helpful for my acne issues and since using that my skin has cleared up quite a bit. I mix a drop or two with my face moisturizer or facial oils or use it as a spot treatment (which isn’t necessarily recommended because tea tree oil can be really harsh).


here lately, i have been hearing a lot of good things about tea tree oil and its many different uses. i have ran across a few tea tree oil products, but haven’t cared to much for the scent, but i might just have to try it out anyways.


I’m 53 so my acne days are well behind me.
I really didn’t suffer much in my younger years either.


On the cheap…Rubbing alcohol seems to help mine.

I have never found aa actual “cleanser”
that has worked well when I have a breakout.
The only thing that has cleared up my skin has been prescription clindamycin and benzol peroxide.

Miracle stuff for acne right there!



Did you get this prescription from your regular doctor or did you go to a dermatologist? I have been having horrible breakouts on my chin and nothing is working. I even change my pillow case each evening and try to keep my hands off my chin. It’s driving me BATTY!


I also have tried so so many cleansers and bar soaps and my face breaks out with everything except baby wash. But then after a while that makes me break out too.


Hmm, mind posting your skincare routine?