Facial exercises


Has anyone tried facial exercises, they are advertised to be like a mini facelift? Just curious if anyone tried and saw results


I know facial exercises have been around since the late 80’s early 90’s my mom used to have a book about it. I haven’t tried them but some people say they have seen great results.


I do regularly do neck stretches. When I noticed skin starting to sag in my late 30s I had heard about it so I figured what could it hurt. Daily along with my skin care regimen has really helped the situation.


Pretty sure someone posted this study a while back but I can’t find it right now…


I’ve tried these methods before but perhaps I never did it long enough because I have never gotten any results.


Tell me I wasn’t the only one opening my mouth, smiling, raising my eyebrows, and making otherwise silly expressions while browsing this article :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have been doing some for years and do look younger than my age with plenty of elasticity and almost no wrinkles at 61 years old.


I have a hard time doing anything for an extended period of time without some visible results. I also forget frequently to complete my exercises lol