False Lashes


Anyone who wears false lashes, what are your favorite ones and favorite glues to use? And how do you like to apply them? I have 2 pairs and I’ve tried several different things, even cutting them, to try to make the application easier, but I just can’t get the hang of it.


I’m still kinda new at using false lashes as well, and I usually only wear them on special occasions or when I feel like looking extra pretty. I have to trim mine to fit my eyes also. I love Koko lashes, they are well made and come in a variety of styles. One of my favorite styles is called Goddess, they’re so full and fluttery. I’ve been using duo lash glue to apply them. It works well for me and keeps my lashes on all day. You can find Koko lashes on www.ladymoss.com.



I recently bought a pair of magnetic lashes.
I hated using the lash adhesive, it always was such a pain and looked so messy.

The magnetic lashes are a little tricky to get into place, but once you get the hang of it, they are awesome!
I did have to cut/trim mine a bit to make them look right.
No messy glue/adhesive to worry about!


I don’t I’ve tried them like for Halloween but since i wear glasses it doesn’t work too well for me. i tried a pair of magnetic lashes and didn’t like them much at all.


I don’t wear them, but my sister does. She gets individual lashes glued in by a stylist.


i don’t wear false lashes.
i have seen some advertisements for them a lot here lately though.


this tends to be the most authentic looking application method.
I was chatting with a friend and when I asked her if her family had the same lash genetics she laughed and said she gets them done, it’s the one thing she does to pamper herself.
I would have never known they weren’t natural.


I don’t wear false lashes because I have had huge success with Revitalash.
It truly has been a game changer for my lashes and I’ve experienced no irritation at all.


Eylure lashes are my favs and my advice would be to look down in the mirror and then use twizzers to put the lashes on


I’m a coward! I think I don’t have the
patience to use them so they look right.


I’m gonna need to try this in the future. I’d love for my lashes to look decent all the time anyway rather than just with mascara or falsies I put on myself. Thank you both!


I’ve never used fake eyelashes. I’ve only used a good primer and mascara that doesn’t damage your eyes too much.


I’ve also looked into products like that! Good to know you’ve had success with it, thank you!


Which primer do you like? I’ve never tried one for mascara!


Thanks for the advice!


I’m definitely not the one to answer this for u. I’m not the fake lashes type of girl.


I don’ t use them, but my sisters do.
I have seen them glue them on, it looks very tricky.
Even with pointers and tips my sisters gave,
I tried once, and I could not get the hang of it at all.


i wear them on occasion and it depends how i’m doing my makeup. I really love either the Ardell wispies or the sephora collection lashes specially in the style astonish. Both have very lightweight bands so they are pretty comfortable for all day wear.
My Advise: deff size them up first and almost pretend to put them on without the glue. As far as glue goes I really enjoy the house of lashes glue. Dries nice and doesn’t smell funcky. Wait of course 30 to 40 seconds…(i picked up a little fan from the dollar store to make life easy and to speed up the process) I would deff recommend looking down into a mirror and apply them on an angle (don’t look into the mirror straight on) Lash applicators are super helpful as well (the one from tarte is amazing) I feel with every makeup category learning to apply false lashes is among the hardest (and learning how to do wing eyeliner) Practice makes perfect.
Never close the eyes too…always have the open. I have a whole video too on my youtube channel on applying lashes if you would like to check it out.



I’ve never used lashes, but I’ve been curious about those magnetic ones. My eyes can be a little sensitive and I wear glasses usually so super long lashes with glue on them are kind of intimidating to me.


The magnetic lashes are difficult to place at first… (you will probably become frustrated and curse while trying to place them the first few times…at least I DID!) But once you get them right you will love them!