False Lashes


I have never tried the fake lashes.
I actually don’t think I would be good at applying them.


I wear them occasionally, my lashes are very long and full after using mascara I dont need to use them daily. I like ardell lashes and duo glue.



I do not have the patience to apply false lashes, although could greatly benefit from them. I will be ordering the magnetic type from Amazon (5 ☆ reviews, $15) due to ease of application.In Esthetics School we were taught to use the individual type vs the strip. They do look much more realistic, although would be much more time consuming to apply. Although they last 2-3 days. We applied them individually with tweezers, I don’t remember the adhesive type.


My favorite primer is
They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer by Benefit Cosmetics. I used it for my wedding and I love how it works. Mine is a light brown but I used mascara over it because I like my lashes black.



I’ll be trying this out! Thanks so much for letting me know!


Let me know how to end up liking the magnetic ones!Individual lashes seems to be the common thing everyone here likes, I’ll need to practice it that way :slight_smile:


I haven’t thought about how wearing fake eyelashes would feel when I wear my glasses too. I guess they just don’t interest me like they used to. Makeup has always been easier for me to come by.


they were odd to wear. i felt like i had spiders on my eyes. The ones I wore for Halloween were fun because they had like a self-adhesive band but they kept tapping against my glasses.
The magnetic ones i tried were a pain. I felt the weighed my natural lashes down.


My first ever attempt at falsies was a magnetic pair when they first came out. I tried for days and never could get the darn things in place properly or to even stay on. Eventually one went down my sink drain and that was the end of falsies for me.


I use Latissse no I have very wimpy and very straight lashes. It helps grow them longer and they curl!


I just ordered magnetic lashes thinking they would be so easy to apply. After a few attempts, I realize I need to sit down and ‘learn’ how to apply them! :blush:


What’s revitalash? I have light colored, thin and short eye lashes :persevere::persevere: so im alllways looking for something to help. But i dont like the feeling of glued false lashes and professional single glued lashes are great, but only a few places offer it in my rural area. And it is very exspensive.


Did u end up liking them? Are they practical for daily wear?


I have magnetic and regular. There’s a bit of a learning curve with the magnetic ones. Also using metal tweezers wont work because it sticks to them. I got some plastic tweezers and I cut the lashes into three sections because the magnets made the lashes too stiff to look natural on my eye lid and then I applied the 3 sections separately and they look much more natural and more comfortable too. It does take a few extra seconds to apply them but I feel the time is worth it. Overall I’d still say I prefer the standard lashes better.


I’m a mascara kinda of girl but they are cute. I just have a fear of glue being so close to my eyeball.


Me either! I always get glue on my top eyelid and sometimes top mainly bottom lashes! It’s so frustrating!!