🗞 FDA Pushes Higher Limits, New Labeling and More Data for Sunscreens



More info on sunscreen products would be helpful.


I would love to see sunscreen in more products. I live in Florida part time and I could use it. I would love better labeling with that information.


i think this is great! hopepfully this concept will catch on with more health products


This is such an important topic. We need sunscreen and it should be safe for us to use and safe for the environment.


My in-laws live in Florida, 17 years now and my father in law had 3 lip surgeries and one lump on his shoulder needing removal surgery for his cancer. He’s constantly applying lip balm with a high sunscreen to his lips because of the cancer being on his lips! I found out theres an alarming rate of skin cancer in Florida


I have had 5 precancerous lesions removed already. It’s so important to use a good sun block. The sun is brutal there!


I agree! I used to always go tanning at a tanning salon and now I have so many freckles it’s upsetting! I’m embarrassed of all the freckles all over my arms back and chest! I stopped going about 10 years ago now. I’m afraid of the outcome!!


The FDA is usually slow to respond to what consumers need, this should have been addressed years ago as the cases of skin cancer began to get higher.


I think that’s a good thing. I never use a body sunscreen any longer than the summer I opened it. When the season is over I throw it away. If it were up to me I’d give sunscreen no more than a 4-6 month expiration date. If you think about it… you bring the bottle to the beach and it’s with you outdoors etc the heat and sun are going to make the product break down much quicker than if it was stored properly. By the time next year rolls around I don’t think it’s going to be nearly as effective. May be I’m just paranoid like that lol. As for facial spf, they never even make it that long because I use them daily.

I also think proper testing should be done on the active ingredients before they’re approved as much of these chemicals do make it into our bloodstreams. Just a year or two ago banana boat was recalled for causing fires and burning people’s skin. Another reason I don’t keep them. What’s approved today may be recalled tomorrow and you may not even notice and continue to use that harmful substance.


I like to see sunscreen improved or last longer then 4 to 6 months


I think you made an excellent point about sunscreen being on the beach in the hot sun all day makes it not as effective! I truly believe that myself! However I hav’nt always used a body complete block sunscreen just the face sunscreen more recently as being block in tinted BB cream! Thank you for your valuable information!


This information makes me remember a different post about sunscreen where it was decided it (sunscreen) needed to be banned. The article stated the presence of it in the water was destroying the coral reefs. I was incredulous that the health and existence of plant life held more value than human life. SMH.