Fine Motor Skill


So I practice makeup for at least a few minutes every day and I still can’t get consistent results.I do know that I don’t have the best fine motor skills and minute precision isn’t my strong suit.What sort of things have you tried that might make your fingers stronger and more precise?


I do lots of typing during the day.


Hand grips! I try squeezing one of these for as long as I can daily or almost daily and I really feel like it helps with hand strength overall. They’re better than regular stress balls because they’re a bit harder to squeeze. Here’s just one from Amazon, but I’m sure you could find them in most places that sell fitness items.



Speaking.of hand and forearm exercisers, I highly recommend this fun and challenging one.
It has a small learning curve, which I think helps keep it interesting.
The gyro forces you generate can be quite powerful.
Impressive gadget!



Interesting topic, can’t say I would have seen this one come up, but it makes total sense!


I don’t really do anything to refine my motor skills. For me, it just seems like I got better at my makeup with time and years of practice. It does seem like the better you take care of your skin, and the healthier it is, the better your makeup will go on and look.


You may consider googling Physical Therapy exercises for the purpose of strengthening your fingers and hands. Or continuing to practice may be the answer.


I think everyone else has great suggestions. I don’t do anything but I do type a lot during the day.
Also, I think like with everything the more you practice the better you get at the task.


Get yourself some silly putty (or generic equivilant) at the dollar tree…work some small items into the putty like metal beads, and try to pick them out one at a time with one hand only.
You can also use coins…and clean the putty off with one hand.

Or you could try sorting small items with a pair of chopsticks.

Time yourself to make a game of it.

These ideas came from my mother’s physical therapist after she had hand surgery.


The classic…



Sometimes even playing with a stress reliever ball helps with your motor skills.


Practice! Practice steadying your hand to get clean lines and matching sides.


And of course



This was my FAVORITE childhood game!


i learned how to apply my make up by practicing, but anymore you have to find the right coverage and color of make up for your skin tone. a lot of the good ones have been taken off the market. it might not be anything you are doing or not doing, it could be you just need to try a different product, that works better for you


This is so interesting! I studied art in college, and whenever I apply my eye shadow and eyeliner, it reminds me of oil painting (the eye shadow blending) and drawing (the eyeliner). I’m not a big makeup person at all, but I’ve gotten comments on my eyeliner before, and I think it comes from all of the drawing I’ve done. Maybe you could practice things like drawing, calligraphy, etc. if that interests you at all!


Honestly, just watch makeup videos and stuff of that nature in YouTube. YouTube has pretty much everything and anything you may want to educate yourself more on!.


This was my first thought because I work with a lot of Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists --their students push in and pull out the the little beans/beads/coins/etc from the putty.


You know what? I never put all this together, but I’m horrible and Jenga and Operation and I can’t make liquid eyeliner cat eye wings to save my life. :slight_smile: I can use chopsticks like a pro, but the more I try to focus or do something super precise, the more my hands start to shake. No liquid eyeliner for me.


Practice makes perfect! I have very shakey hands, Watching a video I record will make you motion sick but I cant perfectly apply my eyeliner.