First time skin toner user! advice?


I’m 29 years old and I’ve never used a toner. The more i research about skin health, what make-up products to use, and how to have glowing skin, I hear more and more about skin toners. I have used rose water before but apparently I was not using it correctly. (I would spray it on my face after i put my make-up on.) So since I am new to using a toner, I would love some suggestions about which one i should be using. What are good ones? what are bad one? Should i stay away from a certain kind if I have sensitive skin? any and all advice would be so helpful.

I have a weird combination of dry and oily skin and I do have the occasional breakouts. What do you suggest i use? How do I use it?

Thanks everyone! i love hearing what you have to say…


I haven’t used any toners at all


I thought of this article:


I stopped using toners years ago, I didn’t see where they were making a difference. But when I did use one, I used Thayers Witch Hazel. This is a link to Amazon, but I always purchased it from WalMart.


@Jennifer_Sigler-phel do you wear make-up regularly? Would you consider adding it to your routine? also do you think its even necessary?


@Freedom i wasnt sure if it makes a difference. if it did/does i would love to try it. but im getting more negative reviews about it, saying it doesnt do much. if i do try it, i will look for that brand. thanks girl!


@alpacas that was such a great article. Thank you so much for posting that. I don’t think i will be investing in a toner because my facial cleanser does wonders for my skin already.


Thanks again!


most of the skincare I use is Korean or Asian beauty and I have used some great toners, I have tried several brands including esfoilio, sinic, deoproce my all time favorite one, elizavecca is good too.


@Rinareviews7 what does it do for your skin?


My favorite that I’ve been using for at least 5 years is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 Fight & Fade toner. It’s very affordable and I think it works really well. When I first started using it, I had pretty oily to combo skin and more breakouts. My skin now is more normal to combo with very few breakouts, but I don’t find that it’s at all drying now. It’s supposed to help with redness and scarring from acne and honestly, I think it does help over time. It’s definitely not a miracle product, but it’s helpful. It has a little bit of a chemical smell, but like an orange scented chemical lol (basically it doesn’t smell horrible) The only thing is make sure you don’t go to close to your eyes because it does sting a little bit. Though I do have sensitive and dry eyes, so that could just be me!


Anymore, the best toner can be found masquerading as a facial mist. You want to choose a formula for your personal skin type is important. So look at toners, and pick one for your skin type. They have so many options available whether you have oily skin, dry skin, skin that is sensitive and easily breaks out, and even for skin with anti-aging benefits.


@jesslosgar thank you so much for that you still use a facial moisturizer after you use the toner? i do need something that would fade acne scars. maybe i could use a toner for that.

@robynl35 if i already use a facial moisturizer that has anti-aging benefits/breakouts, would a toner be pointless?


I have a few toners and for me they are a must! Well for the past 6 months almost I think it’s been when I started learning about them. I do korean skin care though. From my understand a toner can balance your ph level on your skin and get it ready to do a chemical exfoliate (separate product) or there are hydrating toners. I used to have a real oily face and I realized it was just dry and toners have added in hydration and taken away all the oil!

Right now I am using a few different ones. I think I might have like 5 lol because they are awesome! I don’t use all 5 every day but I try and use at least 2 of them. I tend to stick more to products for sensitive skin. I really like:

pyunkang yul essence toner $15

Earths Recipe toner $30- definitely will last a few months and very hydrating. This one does have a bit of a fragrance to it that I don’t really care for but I always just other products on after so the smell doesn’t last long.

Hada Labo $10

Soon Jung toner $13 and this one is made for sensitive skin they actually have a whole line that I absolutely love.

I also use Missha First Time Essence Treatment

Benton Aloe aha I think it’s called I use as well. I think this is more of the helping PH levels. It definitely helps clean my skin though too. I use this after I wash my face and swipe it with a cotton round and it still picks up some dirt!

You can get then on ebay or amazon just check reviews and seller feedback to be sure they are legit and not fake. Ebay also sells tons of samples too. Purito Centella toner is the one I plan to get next.

Here are a couple videos I’d suggest watching.


No definitely not pointless. In my opinion hydrating toners are an absolute must especially if you are trying to get a “glow”. Most US brands are full of alcohols which can be very drying.

Moisturizer will go last and help lock in everything you put on before.


The only time I used a toner was when I was a preteen and had my first breakout. My mom went to the mall and bought a big Clinique breakout kit for sensitive skin (which included a toner). It never did anything. I haven’t really heard anyone talk about toners ever since. I’m guessing that if you have problems with breakouts it might help. Personally, I’m 21 and have normal to dry skin and I’ve never needed to use one.


Yes I do! I love the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin. It’s light and doesn’t feel gross, but still moisturizes very well!


I have been using witch hazel as a toner for years. I feel like witch hazel on a cotton pad with a drop or two of tea tree oil on it has really helped keep my skin from breaking out as much as well as clearing up any breakouts that I do get much faster. Also it is really inexpensive if you buy the store brand witch hazel at either WalMart or Target.


I would still use a toner, but doesn’t have to be anti-aging. A toner contains hydrating ingredients, which are important immediately after cleansing to set the stage for moisturization, helps to minimize the appearance of pores, and has antioxidants to protect your skin.


I was in your shoes barely a year ago and I have the same skin type and conditions as you. I ended up getting a little sample kit from Georgette Klinger which included a phytic exfoliating toner.

I’m telling you this toner is amazing! It’s perfect for combination skin. Plus it’s a very good brand if you go on their website you can read up on how they make their products. I also ended up purchasing there Rose toner which is also very good and I am currently using it at this time.

When using a toner you want to try to use it twice a day, wash your face first remove all your makeup and then apply toner. Which can then be followed by your serum and moisturizer if you use those. Using a toner has definitely helped my skin, it’s shrunk my spores, refresh my skin tone and even it out and even seem to make my skin glow. Im not going to lie though I’ve been skipping my toner often the past few months and it shows!