🎓 Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test


Do you know your Fitzpatrick Skin Type?

Developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, The Fitzpatrick Skin Typing method was originally developed to understand how skin responds to the sun.

Take this simple quiz to learn more about your Fitzpatrick score, and how to best protect your skin from the sun based on your skin type.


Very, very interesting. It seems to have accurately assessed how I react to the sun, or at least how I used to react to it, when I was actively seeking to tan. The recommendations are also in line with other information I’ve researched to correct uneven skin tone issues. Thank you.


I got type two! Glad I’m so careful with sunscreen!


Wow! I never knew there were oral supplements to offer sun protection. Being a type 2, I’ve always known I have a greater susceptibility to skin cancer and being as pale as I am, I burn badly. Im really interested now in learning more about Heliocare. I am very mindful already to most of the suggestions given based on my past experiences so finding other ways to keep my skin safe is a total win.


This is very cool! I got type 2. I burn so easy it’s ridiculous lol. I really can’t tan at all. My family has always loved the beach but I more often than not dreaded going because I knew even with reapplying sunscreen multiple times, I’d at least slightly burn. I remember seeing one photo of me as a kid where I was extremely tan though, so I don’t know what happened there :joy:
Also, I hope the photo here is of coffee because that’s all I could think about after seeing it and now I need to make some! Thank you for sharing this test!


Interesting quiz. I’ve been trying to use sunscreen more now that i’m older but even if i apply it as suggest still tan.


Type 2 for me as well. I wish I had known more about skincare and protection from the sun when I was young! I was guilty of applying BABY OIL and bronzer to my skin to tan. Now I look like an undercover agent (hat, glasses, SPF 2000, etc) when I am going to be in the sun - especially for prolonged periods.


“You scored 10/35+. You have Skin Type 2 on the Fitzpatrick Scale”
Yeah, I definitely burn if I’m in the sun for more than 15-20 minutes without any type of sunscreen on. And even then, if it isn’t a 30 SPF or higher I burn within 30 minutes. When I was younger (and much more stupid) I would go out all the time without sunscreen and burn to a crisp. Then it would blister, I’d be in pain, it would peel, and then I was the same darn pale color I was before I burned myself on purpose. I’m shocked I didn’t end up with some kind of carcinoma or melanoma before I was 20. Now, I’m so careful … sometimes too careful I suppose. However, while in Vegas I did get a TINY tiny with the help of some 70 SPF sunscreen. I have a watch band line on my wrist now. WAHOO for me! I don’t think I’ve ever had a watch band line before.


Not sure because I have not done the “sacrifice to the sun” thing in a long time, so I kind of low-balled it. Fun, though.


I have to agree this is very interesting.:smiley: I got type 3, but the test didn’t accurately access my skin because it states my skin is white. Lol. Also, my skin doesn’t burn easily.


wow that was interesting and lots of fun :star_struck: I got type 3


You scored 32/35+. You have Skin Type 5 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. :slight_smile:

interesting to know… thanks for the post.


You scored 32/35+. You have Skin Type 5 on the Fitzpatrick Scale.


That was neat. I scored type 2. I burn easily. Rarely wore sun screen in my younger days but I am trying hard recently to start wearing it. Now the hard part is remembering to reapply after a couple hours.


I scored skin type 2. Makes sense. I hide from the sun. My family is mostly European.


Did you do 23&me or Ancestry?


My mom did ancestry, I think. My great great grandmother on mom’s side came straight from Germany. Her Dad’s side was Dutch. That was claimed and proven. My dad’s side claimed Scottish and English. Would make sense to me. Name sake traced to Yorkshire.


I’d never even heard of this test before but I love doing analyses like this!


I got Skin Type II, who are usually fair with blue eyes, light or fair skin… not too sure about that! Did anyone else get something not even close to correct :joy:


I am type 3…interesting good to know