Flawless skin?


Can anyone suggest homemade methods to get flawless skin? Trying different chemicals is really not helping me out!


Honey and turmeric work.


Hi Ishita, can you tell us a little bit more about your current routine, what is working for you, and what types of issues you are looking to address? This will help folks better understand how to start making recommendations to you.


I would like to know more about getting rid of pores on facial skin and breakouts. My skin is not greasy but somehow acne breaks out making my skin look dull and lifeless. I would love to have natural skin without any blemishes so as not to cover it up with makeup!:disappointed:


Here’s “8 Easy Home Remedies for Acne”

These all include products you likely already have, or would be easy and cheap to get! I’ve used yogurt as a mask before, but it was mainly for a really bad sunburn I had. However, it was very cooling and felt incredible and it made my skin soft. That was also at a point in my life where my acne was at it’s worst and I actually think it helped to balance out my skin.


You may want to read @Tradowsky’s post in “Dark Spots on my Face.” She shared her regimen.


The best method to getting the skin you want is to keep track of what aggravates your skin and what helps improve your skin. If you’re looking for jumping off points, I have seen good results from Korean skincare trends and products (as long as you stay away from anything “whitening.”).