Food Recipes


I’ve seen a lot of comments within topics about how our diets affect our skin and hair and nails.Common trends seem to be “eat more veg” and "eat less sugar including bread."What are some of your favorite quick or budget friendly meals that are high veg, low sugar?


I’m working on how to roast a single serving of brussel sprouts in my little toaster oven, but I always want to dip them in a sauce afterward.
If you know of a good low sugar dressing please, I’m all ears.


All I can think of is a stir fry off hand. It doesn’t have to be loaded in oil either but something basic and quick.


I’ve been attempting to make broccoli cheese soup lately.
Assuming you’re not concerned about dairy or fat, you could make a cheese dip out of heavy cream and cheese.
Broccoli + cheese = yummy.We’ve also been experimenting with more sweet potato, to get our carb & sweet fix.
We typically make it more savory with butter, salt, & pepper.We do
a lot of collard greens, too.
Sautee some onion and then toss
in some chopped up collards.
Might add a can of Rotel tomatoes and simmer for a 15 - 20 min.
Too many people overcook collards into a brown mess, just don’t overcook them.Sauteed okra is one of our favorites.
We eat okra several times per week, just slice, put into a pan with butter, add salt & pepper and cook quickly over high heat - this will help keep them from getting slimy.Oven roasted cauliflower is pretty good, just coat in olive oil, salt, pepper, and roast until golden… they get pretty yummy.


My favorite meal is my chili made with chicken breasts, black beans, garbanzo beans, and spicy diced tomatoes eaten over brown rice. :yum:


i love stir fry, but i don’t look to see if the things i buy and cook are low sugar. i usually try to eat a lot of vegetables, baked potatoes, salads that kind of stuff. my favorite meal i make , i take spinach leaves, zucchini, and squash, slice them up, cook them in a skillet in a light butter, and then grill some chicken strips, mix it all together on a tortilla, and make a grilled chicken wrap, i usually add shredded cheese and either italian dressing or ranch depending on my mood.


This isn’t quite a dip, but after a little food processor magic,
you can use it as a dip or sauce,
serve it at room temperature, it’ll last several days in the fridge and the" semi-pesto" freezes well. You can separate it into small containers or bags. Take it out of the freezer in the AM, you’re good to go at lunch or dinner.

Semi-Pesto: ingredients… 1 large bag of fresh spinach, several tablespoons of dried basil, three handfuls of almonds or walnuts, grated Parmesan, at least 5 cloves of garlic (lightly roasted or stir-fried to mellow it a little), salt and pepper to taste, olive oil. Dump them all into the food processor and you’re done. If your procesor is small, go a cup at a time, but make sure in the end everything’s well mixed. You want to process it until it’s a paste. More olive oil will obviously thin it out.
You can garnish it with some chopped sun-dried tomatoes


I had bariatric surgery about 10 months ago, so my options are different than others.
I follow a high protein/low sugar diet.
I eat lots of cheese, grilled chicken & steak. boiled eggs, avocado and usually have a protein bar or shake somewhere throughout the day.
The only vegetables I really eat much of these days are cauliflower. tomatoes and green beans.

I try to meal prep on Sunday,
I can always tell during the week if I am not getting the right foods in, I start feeling sluggish or my tummy yells at me lol.
For breakfast some days I will have a boiled egg, half an avocado and a babybel cheese, I eat this at least 3-4 times a week.
Avocados aren’t too expensive if you catch them on sale, eggs are always pretty cheap and the babybel cheese are a little pricey, but I get those at the bulk store and it helps with the price.


I eat a lot of rice, beans and add veggies. It’s similar to stir frys just less salt and no noodles.


This may/may not be helpful, but I just want to put out there that almost any vegetable tastes amazing roasted in the oven with olive oil and salt and pepper. I usually add butter and other seasonings, but even my 5 year old destroys cauliflower and broccoli if I roast it in the oven. I often use frozen veggies and put them in the oven on broil for about 10 minutes. Very good.


I love cooking and love experimenting with new recipes and cuisines.
My husband and I have been eating all Japanese food/dishes for almost a month now.
It started out as a one week thing where we wanted to try some new recipes and dishes since we found a few good asian markets nearby.
We ended up loving the food so much that we haven’t stopped.
We’ve both managed to lose weight (not trying) and my skin is looking a lot clearer and healthier.
We weren’t trying to diet or anything but by changing our diet we’ve ended up healthier.
We’re eating a lot of rice, but also a lot of fish, vegetables, eggs and matcha tea.
I don’t know what has made the biggest difference but it’s been crazy.


I am not big on fruits or veggies to be honest.


I will try to find the actual recipe…but there is this YUMMY super food soup that is amazing!
It contains…spinach leaves, chicken, black beans, jalepenos, and some other ingredients.

I will find recipe and post it on here.


I found that living near an H-Mart along with an Albertsons gives me a wider variety of foods to try. I love getting cheap sushi grade fish from the market and prepping it at home. I’m not great at rolls but I can make a poke bowl and temaki. I like my fish with lots of seaweed.


That’s two votes for H Mart. Western style food is limited and no bargain, but it’s amazing what great things you can walk out of there with for $25, especially from fruit and produce!


The produce section at H-Mart is as big as the entire Albertsons next to me and it is so much fresher and cheaper, it’s incredible. I wish I lived closer to it, I’d probably go several times a week.


Love H-Mart! We just discovered that we have an H-Mart, 99 Ranch, and two Japanese grocery stores about an hour from us (we live outside of Houston). We’ve been making a ton of sushi at home. We actually just finished eating all Japanese food for a month (it was supposed to be only a week but we enjoyed it so much we didn’t stop). We both starting feeling better and losing weight just because of the different things we were eating.
We’re doing all Korean food next week so H-Mart here we come!


Put Kimchi In Everything!!


As @GypsyRose_03 commented… roasted vegetables with a light oil and seasoning are absolutely delicious! I use to not be a fan of vegetables until I cooked and ate them this way… now they are a treat!!! You can purchase an olive oil spray bottle called “Misto” which allows you to choose your oil in addition to only dispensing a light amount. Basil tastes very delicious with many veggies and is even popular used with strawberries! I also love to marinate and grill my veggies. This can be accomplished with a scewer or a veggie grill tray.
A fondue pot is also a fun, versatile and tasty way to enjoy both fruits and veggies.


It’s amazing what basil and a little sesame oil can do for a quick clear soup with a little extra firm tofu a shrimp or 6 (chopped) and a few scallions!