For The Married

For those who are married, how did you guys take care of your skin for the event? Did you start taking care of it a few days, weeks or months before the event? These are memories that last a lifetime and so you want your skin to look the best!

For instance, in Indian or Pakistani weddings, they use turmeric for a growing skin.

Link for reference:


Great question! I’m not married so I don’t really have anything useful to add but I’ve always been curious about this.

I hope to have a low-key wedding but I think that I’ll still be stressed in the days leading up to the event no matter what, and that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to how your skin looks! Lol although I guess I won’t be staring in a mirror the whole day and I can always get the photos touched up to enhance my memories :wink:

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I’m not entirely sure what you were asking, but I’m assuming you’re asking about either getting dressed up for your spouse or how we did our makeup for our wedding. Personally, I used to wear makeup throughout high school and up until my wedding. Makeup for me was a way to cover myself up and mask my natural beauty. I wore very light (natural-looking) makeup for my wedding and over the last 2 years since we’ve been married I only wear makeup once a year just so I can reassure myself I know how to do it still. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were asking about traditional makeup due to our cultures and backgrounds, I didn’t do anything tribal or ceremonial makeup due to my religion differing from many Indian beliefs like the ones listed from the link you shared.

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It sounds like she was asking about skincare, like specifically taking care of your skin for the wedding. :blush:

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Lol yes, thank you. Haha