Foreign products (not from Korea)


A friend from Germany sent me some body wash and day cream long ago. It smells so unlike anything here in America. The scent is supposed to be Almond Blossom but it goes beyond that. The day cream has a barely noticeable shimmer and the body wash is just lovely. They have some ingredients I don’t like but it was such a surprise from my friend. Do you use any products from other countries (not Korea, as the topic of Korean products was previously discussed)? If you don’t currently use any, have you discovered some you’d like to try?



I haven’t really found anything besides Korean beauty products. I did, however, find a makeup brand I love that’s made in Germany.


I haven’t yet, but I’m definitely interested in doing so. The products you got sound really nice! I wish I had friends overseas haha. I’ll look into some products though because it’d be interesting to try something completely different! Please let us know if you have any other recommendations!


The only items I use on a regular basis that are considered foreign are my fragrance oils. Most of them are made in some part of Africa.


Someone brought me a set
of bath oils from Germany
that are amazing in terms of scent and
pure, luxurious
slipperiness. If anyone’s interested, I’ll send along the name, it’s been a really long work day and my mind’s gone blank! In
general, Germany is big on purity of products, including sulfite free wines.


This is my MOST favorite lip gloss. It’s from a German cosmetic company called Benecos. They specialize in all natural and organic products. Until I started using this gloss I didn’t realize how much fragrance and flavoring goes into lip products. Not this stuff.
It smells like shea butter.
I use it alone or with other lip products.
It’s rare that I scrape lip gloss out of the tube when it gets low but I will for this gloss in the color praline.



I once had a perfume from France.

Can’t remember the name of it, but I loved it!

Could not ever find it in the states.


I’ve never tried any foreign products. I enjoy watching people un-box products on YouTube though from their trips to Europe and Asia.


I have never used any products beyond Korean skin care but it would be interesting to learn of other cultural regimens and products.


I don’t recall trying anything foreign that has been “noteworthy”, but I am surely interested in reading about some of the products that you ladies have. Curiosity peeked!


I totally agree…it would be nice to have friends overseas that could send me some really nice stuff that can’t be found in this country. I love trying new beauty products but I have never tried anything from another country. I’ve thought about it but I guess I just don’t know what to try, especially when all the info is printed in another language.


Praline, huh? I want it! Of course,
maybe I should eat supper!


I have traveled a lot in life (military child as well as military member myself and a military spouse) and some of my favorite products were little hotel samples they had in other countries. I don’t necessarily remember names and such, but I’ve always been that person who takes the little lotions and soaps home with me after a trip.


i haven’t seen any but i would be open to trying some.


I am a huge fan of Sulwhasoo.
I have several different items from this brand including a beautiful foundation.


I do that… here in America! Lol It’s my favorite way to try new bath products :slight_smile:


I’ve had some products from Australia before that were really nice. One thing I really loved was a concealer from Mirenesse and recently I enjoyed the L’Oreal Baby Roll Mascara. For some reason, we don’t have that mascara here in the drugstore.


i came across this on amazon and i am going to try this. it caught my eye, i hope it does what it says. the description sounded really good. i guess we shall see.