Foundation? Cont... and Autoimmune conditions? Stick formula recomendation?


I have very dry skin, and more often then not no matter what foundation I use there’s going to be flakes by the end of the day. I’ve recently been in love with Infallible by Loreal, but I’m still having to mix in a bit of moisturizer. I’ve heard & seen that stick foundations work miracles on dry skin or they can be your worse enemy. I’ve been eyeing the Hourglass Vanishing Stick. Any advice with similar dryness problems & any stick experience would be helpful before I invest? Also, throw this out since I know it’s probably a huge contributing to my skin issues I have a thyroid condition (Graves Disease) in which my thyroid was completely radiated when I was 26 (10 years ago). Any fellow members suffer from similar health concerns?

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I only use stick for contour and concealer. If you have dry skin I suggest using a facial oil or moisturizing primer before applying the foundation and it may help with the flakes. The way you apply it might also help too. Some people find that applying with a slightly damp sponge prevents the foundation from looking too dry and it gives a nice dewy effect. There’s also the option of using a bb or a cc cream which have tons of skin benefits but also provide coverage. Those are typically way more moisturizing than just regular foundation.

I get flaky after I use a peel usually but I don’t have any health conditions. I do have combination skin which causes me to have dryness around my nose and my upper eye lids and be oily in other areas. What I do when this happens is… I exfoliate as much of it as I can with my sonic cleanser and then I apply a night moisturizer instead of a day cream specifically to those areas and let it sit for a while to absorb and when I apply my make up in that area I tap and blot instead or rubbing or blending because that typically accentuates the dryness which is what you want to avoid. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Also p.s. Hourglass is awesome!


I recently been using Bare Minerals latest foundation stick and surprisingly its very hydrating and feels lightweight on my skin. I have more of a combo/oily skin it also depends on the season. Warmer days I prefer powder foundation and some cooler days i go with my favourite IT Cosmetics Confidence liquid foundation or my Bare Mineral stick foundation. Skincare routine is important as well.


Sorry I don’t wear foundation l.


I received a full size free sample from Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation and worked well, easy to spread all over the face and havent given me any hard time on the skin, plus their products are a good value. I wonder if it works for sensitive skin.


Im sooooo happy you posted this!!! I have extreme dry skin especially on my nose I’m constantly pulling flakes of skin off and its so bad when i put foundation on it looks even worse so I’m also looking for a goid foundation and something to help with dry skin like a good moisturizer


Yes, my nose has always been the worst area! It doesn’t help that I have very fair skin & have lived in the middle of the AZ desert all my life. When I was i elementary I remember giving myself the nickname Ruldolph because my poor nose always had a bit of a burn :confused: and there wasn’t as much info on sun damage as there is today. But it taught me, and now a parent of 2 fair children I have made applying moisturizer containing SPF part of our morning routine. Before my mom passed this past Nov I watched her endure the painful reality of skin cancer & that is 1 family trait I don’t want to pass on


I wear 2 foundations which I purchased from
It is waterproof and easily absorbed into my skin naturally.
It is made up of natural ingredients and not too much expensive.
I also recommend you to try it.


That site is a little overwhelming, and most the links don’t work. Which outlet did you use, and what brand of foundation specifically?