Fragrance Families


Special thanks to @edelorimier for spotting this great piece on fragrance families


that is a great break down of scents. I never knew there were so many combinations.


It’s so interesting to see how scents have evolved and changed. The modern scents are so broad now and offer such a selection. It’s amazing how much goes into fragrances now


Thanks for posting this super informative article. I enjoyed reading about all the different types of scents and how they have evolved over time. Plus, all the different perfume examples made it easier to figure out how each type really smells. I absolutely love fresh, fruity, and aquatic scents. A few of my favorite perfumes are Marc Jacob’s Daisy, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, and Chanel Chance. It’s nice that something as simple as spraying on a nice perfume can improve your mood and help uplift your spirits.


Wow this is a crazy breakdown! I’m gonna be referring to this a lot in the future when it comes to just about any scented product hahah! It’s so helpful to see so many specific scents in their correct categories. That’ll help when picking future scents!


Interesting. Prior to reading this post, I would have labeled myself as a more traditional/conventional perfume kinda lady, but I definitely fall in the modern category.


This is so informative.

I had no idea there were so many different scent classifications.

I like to switch my scents up periodically,
and change with the seasons.

My fave fall/winter scent is Versace Crystal Noir and for spring/summer I like to go a little lighter.

Usually in the floral or aquatic scents.
Right now I’m really loving the new Arizona perfume.


Good to know this much detail.
Personally I gravitate towards Oriental and Floral, but also in love with the citrus and verdant scents as well.


Interesting! I always love the gourmand scents and was surprised to learn that one of my favorites, Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, is a Floral under the Oriental group!


Scents have developed so much over time! It’s so interesting learning about them. It’s something that I probably wouldn’t have done research on without this awesome community!


This is amazing. I knew perfumery was complex, but this is really really complex. I usually wear Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue or Burberry Brit Sheer. Those are the perfumes I always keep on hand. I really prefer light perfumes even though the scent wears off a little faster. I’d rather add more later than smell like I was in a department store beauty section. I also recently tried a sample of YSL Black Opium and I really liked the way that smelled. I was surprised to see it listed under “Spicy” instead of “Vanilla”.


Wow! What an amazing and detailed breakdown of scents and fragrances. I love this! I never knew there were sooo many categories!


While most of this information is new to me, I found myself unconsciously nodding my head to a lot of the names of particular fragrances listed within their fragrance families. I worked as a fragrance representative for about 7 years &amp: had to know what to offer a customer based on bits or pieces of a description of what they liked. Many didn’t know what they liked and wanted me to figure it out for them. It was an interesting and rewarding engagement. When I’m out and about I find myself asking strangers, “Excuse me, are you wearing _____?” :blush: Thank you John for the very informative article and the trip down memory lane.


I love learning new things every day in this community. Yvez Saint Laurent Mon Paris is one of my favorite perfumes as well as black pepper(I forgot the brand for that one but it is so unique!).
I would wear them every other day if I had them.Keep them coming, maybe I will be as smart as an aromatherapist before we are finished!


So … I had no idea there were sooo many scents! I think this was really great to have as it gives a more depth description of scents.


WoW!!! I wish I could smell them all.


Aquatic and carnation for me!


Very interesting pairings. Some were more obvious then others. I would have thought that lavender would have been in the floral smell vs fougere.
I also found it fascinating all the types of
fragrances and how each one invoked a certain image in my head.


Very informative! Its nice to see a descriptive backround on each of the categories. I love the floral and amber scents for body washes and lotions.
Big fan of woodsy candles and essential oils.



I think some of this is subjective, depending on where you go I’ve seen many scents labeled under different categories.On another note, I’ve smelled a half dozen lavender essential oils from different manufacturers, and they all smell different.
Even lavender from the same company can smell different one bottle to the next, depending on how they source it.
Some of the big fragrance houses will even sign multi year contracts with farmers in an effort to get a consistent product for a particular scent component.