🎓 Fragrance: Top, Heart, and Base Notes



Very cool! I never really thought about it, but now that I know the different layers, it makes a lot of sense when using/smelling perfume.


great info thanks for sharing that.


Wow, I had no idea that so much went into perfumes and making the scents of different products. This is really interesting. I didn’t know that the top notes only last 15 minutes after application and that the base notes are what stay with you all day. Now I’m trying to think of the perfect fresh, fruity combination.


Seeing all the different notes listed in perfumes has always confused me. This is so informative! I didn’t know different notes had categories like this and lasted different amounts of time.


Great topic.
I learned years ago about the top notes and base notes when I worked for a major cosmetic company.

That’s also when I learned about layering scents and using a lotion as a base for the perfume to stick to and extending it’s scent.


I love using solid perfume because the oils help the scents to last way longer.
I think the reason I like Spicy and Floral scents is probably because I am a baker and the vanilla and ginger base notes really hit home for me. I love ginger and I am happy to see that it is a base in the Spicy fragrances.


So neat! All the layering I never knew of! Wow. Very enlightening!


Thanks for posting about the different notes and layers!
Fun stuff.


I love wearing fragrance oils because the scent lasts practically until you bathe it away, and they have no alcohol. The guy I buy my oils from can duplicate a fragrance just by smelling it. He consistently knows what the top, middle, and bottom notes are and which oils match those notes. Amazing!


I am testing this in the morning. Going to see which scents will outlast the others.


Trying this out today with my perfume samples at home!


How much does the “Scent family” have to do with where it fits in the triangle?


very cool. I love how the different scents work together to meld into something special


i am enjoying your posts, they are very interesting and i am learning new things with each one. i never really thought about it, but it is really cool how all the different scents work together and make a mixture of heavenly scented products.
will definitely try.


Great question!
Best guess: I’d say the relative strength of any top, heart, and base note composition will put you into a fragrance family.

For example, if you had 3 drops of floral heart notes and just one drop of citrus top note and 1 drop of woody base note, then you’d probably be in one of the floral families.


I feel fancy now knowing what
top, heart, and base notes are now.


Top, heart, and base notes can be combined in so many combinations!
The possibilities are endless!


I find it so wonderful how all of the notes can come together and create a beautiful fragrance.So many different ones to choose from but my favorites are the ones with a strong vanilla.


Very informative and interesting information about different notes and layers. This is so new to me.