Freebie sites & Product Testing


Anyone have a website that they have scored free products/mercgandise, or points that convert to cash or gift cards from?I like… a list of links to various free samples and a brief description of what is required.Recyclebank- A website when you earn points by learning about recycling, I redeem my points for magazine subscriptions.I get all of my magazines through this site…for free!0.8liter- free Korean skin care products…in exchange for review and you must have either Instagram or Facebook and you must post a review by a set deadline with pictures to remain on good standing.(Easy if you are an avid social media poster.)I will think of more.


I haven’t tried any of these, but I’m definitely going to look into 0.8liter! I’ve gotten 2 boxes from Influenster for free, and very rarely I also get products to test from Opinion Outpost. I’ve signed up for others like BuzzAgent but all I get from them is annoying emails lol.


I’m a member of 08 Litter. Another great freebie site I’ll link them below. can also try websites like the ones below to see if you can qualify for free products.


Thank you for listing more! I’m so excited to try these!


I started writing influenster reviews to get me into the headspace to write essays and plays.
I’ve gotten two boxes from them with some full sized stuff!


I’ve been thinking of starting a new instagram just for reviews of things do you think it’s worth it?


have you had good luck with bzzagent?
I get their emails all the time but I never qualify for their surveys.


I’m such a freebie lover and love trying new things! I love as well!! I also use Influenster,
Crowdtap, BzzAgent,
08Liter, Tryazon and more!
I share alot of my reviews on my Instagram channel.

You can take a look at it at along if you’d like.

I’ve found that
Since I have been reviewing alot of companies reach out to me and send me their products for free to review.
I will say that the majority of those companies seem to be skincare and cosmetics related.
Another site is to sign up and get products to review.

#9,,,,,,, bullseye which got me invited to a program called hey bullseye, after doing a few surveys.
nieto research, oneopinion, red hot, some of these pay you to use the products and others pay you to do the surveys. but the survey ones send out invites to big ticket free product programs after so many surveys done.


Influenster - girls superhero - - Jacobs Beauty Ambassador - are some that i use, i have a bunch more i will post the links. Also there are a ton of survey sites i use to earn free gift cards and cash, its how i make all my spending money. They are all 100% legit


Toluna - Survey - - - - App -Code 436C-G3K3Prize rebel -


I’ve used BzzAgent, PinchMe, and Home Tester Club for free products/samples to me mailed to me almost on a monthly basis. There are a lot of websites you can use for earning rewards online. I’ve used probably 2 dozen in the last year but many weren’t worth it. Some times I use Points 2 Shop. The only one I use regularly is Another good one is but that one only gives gift cards. Lastly, Crowdtap is a site that lets you sometimes try full-size products but asks for a lot of reviews to be posted online,
has daily surveys (consisting of 5 or less questions each). That site is going to be having an update soon that will let you pick which gift card you want. Currently that one is similar to i-say by only letting you have Amazon gift cards.


I’ve used influester too. I think I’ve only got a coupon for a kefir goat milk bottle (which was gross) but I enjoy their website. I’d say in addition to the ones I posted above I’d also recommend this one. I just don’t go on that much.


it’s been a while since I’ve had a bzzagent campaign. I know a lot of people are in the same boat.


Social Nature is great, but it’s sometimes hard to find the actual products (you get coupons). I also love Trybe and YoSamples. Straightforward and honest, all of them.


Crowdtap is one of my favorites to use. I enjoy doing all the missions and getting to earn the Amazon gift cards is cool.


I also LOVE crowdtap!
I have recently had luck with getting chosen for the Jaffra skincare line (full size products). And before that I was chosen for the airwick essential mist.

Totally worth tapping away for periodic gift cards!

I like pinchme, hometesterclub because they require so little and do not require social media.

I have gotten rid of bzzagent and influenster…too much work for so little.
And 0.8liter.

anything that requires social media, I have eliminated.
Personal reasons for this choice.

Survey sites and panels I use are productreportcard, opinion outpost, ipoll, focus point global, 20/20 panel, Pinecone Research, Mills advisory panel, McCormick Tastetesters, and there are a few others I don’t use as much…but the ones I have listed are my favorites and most frequently used!


If you want to do product testing and reviews I would highly suggest devoting an Instagram to just that!
Just be sure to get lots of followers.
Many sites want you to have 500 or more followers.


Never heard any of these and I want to try the Korean Skincare, I’ve never tried them and I am on social media all day so that would be perfect thank you for sharing. I haven’t actually gotten a free sample from Influenster or PINCHME and I’ve done all what they are asking.


I love free samples! But hate all of the spammy emails I get after signing up. Does anyone have an email they use just for spam? Is it easy to unsubscribe once you’re done with a sample company?