Getting Closer to Face-Off!


We’ve got two eyes, so one cream for each eye :wink:.

We’re currently exploring other product testing opportunities, including more facial products, in addition to body care.


@John I know this request is seriously premature, but could the consideration of a firming face cream or serum be the next Face Off product?:relieved:


Hi! I’m glad to hear you’re back amongst us! I also hope you’re feeling better and stronger.:muscle:t4:


Noted! Would love to get some ideas brewing for round deaux, we’ll launch a new topic in a week or two to start capturing ideas.


How about lines around lips or neck?


The more I think about it, I would REALLY like to try and review a product that EVENS SKIN TONE. A cream or serum that rectifies melasma and hyper pigmentation is top of my list.


OK, people have started receiving packages, so I’m going to mute the Face Off updates from the “Latest” view so as not to overwhelm the other, non Face-Off related posts.

I’m also going to lock this thread, and move the continued conversation to the Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 - General Discussion