Guilty Pleasures


What is the MOST you ever spent on a product?What was it and how did you justify the expense?Also, was it worth it?


Last year I bought a bottle of anti-aging ampules from Rodan+Fields.

I was going through a midlife crisis and the fine lines on my forehead were really bothering me.I splurged over $100 on this and to be honest felt so guilty about the expense that I only used one of the ampules.
I am a bit of a beauty hoarder.
I should probably use the stuff!


The most expensive products are the ones we never use!


I think the most expensive product I ever bought was a Glam Glow mask, maybe the super mud one. This was a few years ago and I did really like it! I mostly used it as a spot treatment overnight and pimples would either be gone or almost gone by morning! I used it as a regular mask too, but it was so drying that I’d have to really scrub at my face to get it off. If I were to ever get it again, I’d get a travel size. I still had product left in the tub when it dried out and I couldn’t use it anymore. I don’t want to spend $70 on something I can’t use up!


I spent $60 on a rose jelly mask from skincare jungle but I usually only spend around $20 or less per product so that is a splurge for me.
I have gotten to try more expensive products in trials or product testing purposes, though.


I’ve never purchased any expensive skin care at this point.


The most I’ve ever spent on a single product was here recently. My husband isn’t big on cologne but when Y from Yves St Laurent came out he fell in love so I purchased it for him, which was over $100 for the bottle at Sephora. I’ve never spent that much on myself.


$100 for Latisse and it was worth every penny… until it was out and my lashes went back to normal.


A long time ago I bought
StriVectin to try to avoid wrinkles.
I don’t remember exactly what I paid, but it was close to $100.
I used up the bottle, but definitely wouldn’t spend that much on it again.


I recently bought the c firma day serum by drunk elephant. It was $80 for 1 oz of product. I saw so many YouTubers raving about how great it was, I just had to try it. It’s supposed to make your skin incredibly radiant and luminous. I have seen a little difference in the appearance of my skin, but not really that much better than the results I got from less expensive things I used before. I doubt that I will be buying this again, because for me, it just isn’t as great as it was made out to be.


I HAD to have this Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay collectible
eyeshadow palette and they were limited and sold out.

So I found it on eBay for $100.
I barely used it and like 5 years later, when the movie came out, sold it for $400.

I tend to buy tons of new products when i always seeem to use my go to favs any way lol


I purchased La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream for $85. After hearing great things about the brand this was the first product I decided to try and I personally dont think it was worth the money. My $35 face cream from Laniege works so much better for my skin type and is alot more affordable.


$29.99 for some Nexxus conditioner. I’m all about smells, so that’s what motivated me to buy it, but I don’t think it was really worth the money.


Back before I had a child and could spend more frivolously, I bought a $200 straightener on Amazon. It didn’t even work for my hair and I ended up giving it to my mom. I won’t bother to mention the money I’ve left in Sephora. It’s the little things that add up.


I bought a BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat iron a few years ago…the best flat iron I ever bought!
You can find one around $100.
Well worth the price IMO.
Even my stylist uses the same kind!



I once spent $40 or so on a Bath and Body Works exfoliator for my face. It worked amazing at first but when I tried to use it after not applying it as often recently I noticed that my skin got really irritated. I loved the product last year but I had to throw it away last month because it reacts differently to me.
I also used to be really into makeup especially in high school. It was normal for me to buy Two Faced, First Aid Beauty, and Anastasia products. They all were between $20-40 each. They all worked nicely. My overall favorite wasn’t that expensive. It’s a redness solutions foundation by Clinique. It’s about $30. I’m pretty cheap though.


Ok so I went on a rampage at Ulta and spent close to 1500 on dermalogica skin care products.
Iknow that this may sound absolutely insane to some people but if you have ever used this brand of product and saw just how amazing all of their products were,
you would understand my insanity.


Mine is a “guilty pleasures” sample I got that keeps calling my name. It’s not as expensive as some products but let’s just say I could spend the money better on other things. I know I’m gonna do it, though!
Shush, La Roche Posay Redermic, I can hear you!


I am a self described skincare junkie.
I have on more than 1 occasion spent well over 100 dollars on skincare products.

I’m a total sucker for serums, masks, eye creams and the like.
I always tell myself that if I don’t take care of my skin then I will regret it.
That usually justifies most of my purchases.


I don’t buy really expensive products, I usually just get wayyyy too much of a natural ingredient to use in everything without figuring out how much I would really be using.
If anyone has any use for a giant jar of amazonian clay pls let me know.