🗞 Hair Follicle Discovery Unleashes Possibility for New Acne Treatments



This Sounds so great.


I would love the chance to test and give feedback on this newly discovered product!


This sounds interesting. Im in nursing school. I’d love to try out thr next acne treatment


This sounds like some good stuff would love to try it.


Would love to try out these products.


Me gustaría probar esto en mi hija ella es muy joven tiene acné y se trauma muvho con eso me gustaria probar sus productos


I’m surprised this is new? Seems sort of obvious that if the hair follicle formation is off, then that would effect the skin pores causing skin issues like acne.


Me gustaría probar estos productos para el acne en mi hija adolecente ella tiene muchos brotes en la cara 6 ls ase sentirse mal


Is there anything out there that helps with adult acne? I have tried so many products and i can’t find anything that works good.


I have an 18 year old grandson who would love to try this. Poor thing has extremely severe acme and used all kids of products,can’t get rid of it for nothing. Has even tried a couple prescriptions that didn’t clear it up.


Acne is difficult to deal with at any age, women going through menopause are dealing with it sometimes.


I would love to be a part of testing such a product


I suffer from breakouts at 40.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I always thought there had to be something more to it that just skin type! My brother, who was vegan/all natural clean as can be in every aspect, has always had acne prone skin, to the point wherw the dr had him on antibiotics. I never understood because he realky did everything he could to have good skin. I cant wait till he sees this!!


That’s great. Acne is such an issue and not a teen issue at all.