Hair growth oil results?


has anyone else tried this hair growth oil product before that could possibly tell me how this product worked for them? i just got this product because i am trying to grow my hair out, and i used it for the first time today and it has made my hair greasy feeling and weighed down, i only put a few drops on my scalp and brushed it through my hair, and i am curious if it might do that the first couple times and then maybe absorbs better, or if i used it incorrectly, even though i followed the directions, maybe the directions are meant for a different hair type then mine. i am not sure and would greatly appreciate anybodies help on figuring this out.


OK, I see what your issue is… Your particular hair type. It can work for you but you just have to be mindful of a few things. 1. It is an oil, so a little goes a long way. 2. This isn’t a product you need to use every day. Once maybe twice a week is good. 3. Use on towel dried barely damp hair. It absorbs better. 4. Use a headband or saying bonnet when you sleep to keep hair out of your face.
This product it typically for more “textured” hair, however I use a similar blend for my husband’s hair (non textured) and it works wonders as far as conditioning, moisturizing and moisture retention, all of which promote hair growth.
Hope this pamphlet (lol) helped.


The castor oil is heavy on any hair, it’s also hard to remove. I don’t know why the direction won’t tell you to rinse. You hair and scalp will absorb the oils within two hours. You can even use a plastic cap for better results. After that you can wash it or rinse with a hair mask. Try that and let us know. :wink:


never heard of this product.


I would agree with @Nicondra_Boyd-Hopkin as far as this product working a little better on more textured hair that is generally drier, but you could probably use this as a treatment by putting it on your hair and/or scalp at night time and then washing it out in the morning or putting it on as a treatment with heat for an hour or so and then washing it out before styling your hair. You would still gain some of the benefits of the product without having super oily hair. I recently purchased this one

It smells great and is very lightweight actually. The one you have is heavy on the castor oil probably so its harder to soak in. I have very textured hair that I blow dry and straighten (no chemical relaxers) so I put a few drops on my scalp at night and brush it through. I don’t really add it to my hair itself necessarily.


i might have to try the one you got, it looks more like what i was trying to find when i purchased this one. thank you for sharing.


maybe you should research the products better then what you do, before you purchase them @ambermc1 . i haven’t had any product that says hair growth on it actually make my hair grow, other then mane and tail back when they made the kind for growing hair.


i have had a lot of them actually work. :slight_smile: and i just started researching products not too long ago. i used to just read the back of the product in the store and try it, now i use the internet and am learning the new way to to do that. thank you i will look for mane and tail.


The mane and tail known for growing hair is purchased at farm an tractor or any place that sells equine supplies. The stuff sold at drug stores and mass retailers is reformulated.


thank you. do you know if they can be ordered online or not?


I have tried several products including oils and shampoos etc those dont work much but what I love best is a good old high dose of biotin the neocell beauty burst actually work if you take them for a period of time and they taste really good!