Hair loss


I have been finding a little more hair on my hairbrush. I have thin hair but lots of it.I want to be proactive and make sure I stop this trend. Any advice on products, tricks, etc to help with possible hair loss?


Just reading other comments, biotin might be a good starting place.
I do know what you mean. My hair is an odd mix of curly /wavy and very fine.There has always been a lot of it but running my fingers through it now seems to come up with more strands than it ever has. Some of it is probably aging, but I know we’ve gone through a series of family crises over the last few years and I think the stress has a lot to do with it. I think I’ll do the biotin and hope I don’t just end up with very long, ratty hair!


Instead of a regular daily vitamin, I take prenatal vitamins -I’m not pregnant or trying to become pregnant!
I find that they help my hair and nails so I’ve just stayed on them. Maybe that’s an option for you?


I agree that a good vitamin with ingredients tailored for the hair is a must. My recommendation is Country Life’s Maxi Hair. Another vitally important task is to STOP using any shampoo/conditioner that contains sulfates.
I recommend
Jason Restorative Biotin Shampoo. It’s
Sulfate Free, gentle and cleans well without stripping your hair. Also, when I lost some hair due to a bad chemical process years ago, I started using coconut oil on my scalp and my hair began growing in those damaged places. My length also increased.



I almost forgot, I also take a powdered collagen.



nature’s Bounty has a hair and nail vitamin. It’s sold in a variety of options from capsule to gummies.



Is the Country Life’s Maxi
Hair a shampoo or are they vitamins?


They are vitamins. The shampoo is Jason’s
Restorative Biotin.


this works really well, doesn’t cost much, and you mix it with your shampoo, only a few drops, and it works really fast.



I had surgery last year that caused be to lose about 1/4 of my hair, it always felt like more but luckily it only lasted a couple months.
I stopped washing my hair everyday, switched to every other day which was hard for me because my hair is oil.
I also started taking biotin, collagen, making sure I was eating right (protein) and only used wide tooth combs on my hair.
Now if I could only find a fix for all the baby hairs coming, if it’s humid they stick straight up in the air lol.
This is just my experience with temporary hair-loss though not on-going loss, but I think the biotin I was taking was the biggest help.
I did end up cutting my hair too and it is growing much better now.


I’ve always taken lots of vitamins but I haven’t had hair loss problems. When I used to want my hair thicker I wouldn’t put my hair as high up when I put my hair in a bun or pony-tail and that helps if you style your hair a lot.


I’d assume taking vitamins like everyone else said would probably be very helpful, or a good first step at the very least. Personally this isn’t an issue for me so I can’t give any information based on experience. I did think of one thing, but it may be more helpful for breakage rather than hair loss, but maybe it could be useful anyway! I remember my mom always insisting on using a wide tooth comb and combing starting from your ends. Sorry if this doesn’t help for this & I hope you find something that does!


My hair started thinning in the front after the birth of my last baby. I improved my diet and stopped wearing my hair pulled back in a bun or ponytail. I have no concrete evidence but I really believe the introduction of coconut butter into my diet helped a lot. I suspect any rich plant based fat would help.


I can also attest to the use of hair, skin and nails vitamins. I, like many others, found myself losing hair after the birth of my son and even more so after I stopped breastfeeding. I found vitamins and fish oil to be helpful and the only other thing was time. I had to wait until my hormones fixed themselves and I also switched to more natural hair products. You might want to get the hormone levels checked, just in case.


I haven’t really experienced any hair loss yet. I, like many others have commented, would think that vitamins may help if the problem is due to some sort of vitamin deficiency. I would probably see a doctor to find out the exact cause and proper remedy though, especially if the problem gets worse.


Hair skin and nails vitamins, and also make sure your diet is balanced…eat enough protien and fats…so many diets exclude fats, and this results in our bodies reacting badly.
Also stress can cause hair loss too.

Just brainstorming…not saying you are stressed or on some crazy starvation diet or anything.


I have always had thin, fine hair and as I get older my hair gets thinner and falls out more.
I have tried many different types of vitamins with biotin, and hair products like women’s Rogaine with no results.
My hair does seem to be healthier now that I’m using products without sulfates.
I got some free vitamins in the mail from Centrum that I started taking a month ago and those have made a big difference in my nails, so I’m waiting to see if they will help my hair also.



i have used keranique. i noticed after i had my youngest child that my hair was coming out in hand fulls in the shower, and i was shedding, my hair was everywhere around the house. i got an email with a trial offer for keranique,
i read over the ingredients and gave it a try, and it stopped my hair loss within a week of using. i was impressed, it also made my hair grow back. but if you want to go for vitamins sugar bear hair works really good too. the results take a little longer, my mom uses them, and her hair has improved tons over a month. it has even began to grow out again, which it hadn’t in years.



I am a huge believer in the Kerastase Initialist.
It truly has changed my hair for the better and I am also loving the Maui Moisture that has an aloe vera base to it in a shampoo and conditioner along with the Raw Oil.


I always wear my hair in a bun.
Does that contribute to hair loss?