Hair purfume?


Okay, so I heard someone talking about hair purfume the other day. Does that really exist?! If so, is it bad for your hair and what’s your favorite?? When I do use heat on my hair, my great smelling shampoo, conditioner, and hair Serum fragrances seem to fade away. I want my hair to smell fresh! Any advice?!


i know loreal used to make it, they had 2 scents, hot and cold, i loved cold, but they took them off the market, they didn’t hurt my hair any , they only made my hair smell good. i haven’t seen any other one’s online or in0stores and i have been looking for years. however if i happen to finally come across one i will come back to this post and share it with you


What a great topic! I’ve never heard of hair perfume, but I do use fragrance on my hair. As you mentioned, the fragrance of my shampoo and conditioner fades. I wear fragrance oils 100% of the time, even if I’m wearing a conventional alcohol based fragrance. I love the idea of mixing scents to develop something original. Because my fragrance oils come with a roller, I simply roll the fragrance oil a couple of times through my hair. The scent lasts and there’s no damage.


I didn’t know that there was such a thing. I personally would use it if it wasn’t too strong otherwise it may give me a headache smelling it.


@ambermc1 ThanKS girl! That would be awesome! Maybe you and I should go into business together and make one lol. Let me know if you dinf one. Thanks for the reply!!!


@Freedom That is a good idea! I would love to find hair perfume. I’m not talking abuut a strong scent, you know? Because women love their perfumes already! But a soft clean smell would be great. Especially for women, like us, whose shampoos/conditioners fragrances fade. Any other tricks you have?! (BTW I don’t like when my perfume gets in my hair. The alcohol makes dry, as I’m sure you know.) thanks for the reply!!!


@naffy786… Im not talking about a strong smell. Just a soft clean smell because like I said before my shampoo and conditioner scents fade. I understand the whole headache thing of an over powering smell. Thanks for your interest and your reply!!!


Anyone know the difference in ingredients between regular perfume and perfume meant for hair? It would have to be pretty subtle so as not to bother others, but the movement of hair would, I think, give nice little bursts of scent during the day!


It does exist and I have heard of hair perfume before but I have never tried it.


It does exist and it should be fine on your hair. I get a lot of compliments wearing Aqualina Pink Sugar, it smells like cotton candy and I wear the perfume as well.


This is my absolute favorite scent. But there are a quintillion others to choose from.


@Freedom Another musk to try! Yessssss!


Essential oils are great! I’m wondering if we water them down we could get that hair perfume we were talking about!


@Jennifer_Poynter where do you get it and how much is it?


What I’m referring to isn’t an essential oil, it’s a fragrance body oil. Totally different. They are made for use on your body, no dilution necessary.


I don’t remember exactly where, I searched for Aqualine Pink Sugar online and went to a perfume website and ordered it a while ago, they have it on amazon too but you have to be real careful because some of those are fakes. Mine was around $20


@Freedom oh, I’m sorry.


@Jennifer_Poynter. Well I love the smell of cotton candy! Thank you for the heads up and the info! :+1::heart:️ I’ll check it out!


@Laurynmarie143 No problem Lauren. I just wanted you to know there’s a difference. You can use a fragrance body oil without the threat of damage to your hair because they don’t contain alcohol. At least the ones I’m recommending don’t contain alcohol.