Hair Removal


What do you use to remove unwanted hair?Both body hair and facial hair?I use a razor with replaceable cartridges for my legs and underams.For my Facial hair I tweeze my brows and wax my upper lip.I have VERY dark hair and I am interested in a better way to remove body hair at HOME that would last longer than shaving.Has anyone tried one of those home laser hair removal systems?


I use an epilator for my upper lip, pits, and bikini area. Sounds painful, but it’s actually not too bad in small areas. I haven’t been able to epilate my entire leg area yet, but shaving is easier for that.


I only use
a razor with replaceable cartridges too


Razors for body hair and tweezers for my eyebrows. When I lived in Atlanta I was introduced to a woman from India that noticed my unibrow and offered to separate it for me. I had never done anything to my eyebrows before. I agreed and she proceeded to take a long piece of thread between her teeth and told me to lay back my head. What happened next was more painful than my labor pains with my son! When she finished I actually asked her, “What did I have a boy or a girl?” BUT, my eyebrows were beautiful! In between was clean, the arch was natural, and there wasn’t a stray hair to be found. And they stayed that way for quite a while. I’ve since seen these Threading Salons. If you’re up to the pain, you may want to look into it.


I have had threading done before…it was years ago while in Cosmetology school, the lady who threaded me was Mediterranean, but it was a painless procedure.


Really?? Your experience was painless? Wow. I wonder if the technique was the same. I generally have a high tolerance for pain, but that experience was up there.


My mother in law bought a Tria.
The trouble with it was the surface area was so small it was a pain to use and the laser didn’t seem strong enough to do the job.
It was also very expensive.
She’s gone back to having it done professionally.



I used to use an epilator too, and man, does it hurt. My hair did grow back slower, but it hurt too much to keep doing it.
You are amazing for that.

I have used Nair, but the smell is terrible and it doesn’t do the best job. I usually use a razor, either disposable or replaceable cartridges just because its quick and easy, but I don’t love it. My shave isn’t the best and my legs usually get dry and itchy after shaving. I probably should wax, but I don’t have the patience to let the hair grow long enough to wax it. I’ve heard waxing on the legs is better for ingrown hairs though. I’ve also had my eyebrows threaded twice and it hurt, but not excruciating. My pain tolerance is relatively high. It just cost more and took longer than having them waxed and the results (to me) were not that different. I haven’t really had my eyebrows maintained (or a mani/pedi) since my son was born just due to being busy.


I was hoping someone had tried, or knew someone that tried something like this!
All I ever heard about Tria, was that it was expensive!


I use sugaring method of wax.
Its pretty painful as you can feel each hair lifting out of your body.
Lol but its so smooth and silky afterwards.
I love it!!


I use the venus olay for body hair and
tweeze my eyebrows. I shave my face with a eyebrow razor it helps my foundation go on alot snoother. I dont have dark hair on my face at all, waxing always irritated me.


I rarely tweeze my eyebrows because, honestly, I am so new to makeup and facial routines that I’m not sure how I should make them look of I do it myself!
I do shave my legs and arm pits.
I actually was introduced to Brazilian waxing over a year ago when my hubby made an appointment for me at one of our local LunchBOX salons. Not that I’m super hairy, but I had spoken to him about how much I hated stay hairs getting stuck in elastic in my underwear, itching, etc. I was terrified to get waxed so he made an appointment for me, went with me, and actually went into the room and held my hand!
Now, if you’re familiar with a full Brazilian wax … to get the “back side” done … well sticking your tooshie on the air while your husband holds your hand while your tooshie is waxed … that’s a whole new level of love right there. :). Now … after over a year of waxing … I will NEVER go back to shaving my lady parts!!!
I know. TMI. But seriously it’s so awesome!Seriously contemplating having my legs and pits waxed now though.


I have had my eyebrows waxed since I was about 8 (dark hair!) and I tweeze when I find a stray. Been frustrated with razors on the rest of my body lately, though. Hopefully some suggestions will prove useful


i shave and tweeze as well. I’ve tried wax strips at home but that didn’t work out too well for me.


It’s is pricey and some of these at home light hair removal products have shade restrictions and or skin color restrictions. My mom bought a flash and go years ago similar to tria but the info states you can’t use it if you’ve had a sunburn or been in the sun for a long period of time. So they work better in winter months. you also have to be committed to using it as directed to see the results.
I think the instructions also said you had to stay out of direct sunlight for a few hours after using the product.


For years I have just tweezed and waxed my eyebrows and shaved legs/armpits with disposable razors.
As I have gotten older, I am developing more peach fuzz type hair on my face so I was having that waxed every so often, but was getting tired of the expense and was worried that it perhaps was hard on my delicate skin.

After discussing this with a friend, she recommended
the Finishing Touch flawless facial razor or the Panasonic razor. I had been hesitant to razor my face as I was expecting
stiffer/sharp stubble, but she told me she had had no trouble with that, so I decided to give it a try.
Because they were inexpensive, I bought both.

I love them!
My favorite is the Fiishing Touch as it is quick, painless to use and does an excellent job
(I have very fine, light hair) but it really doesn’t work in the eyebrow area.
The Panasonic one has a few attachments for the eyebrow area and is also easy to use on the face.
I also will still tweeze for shaping.



I just use basic refillable razors typically for regular shaving. I’ve tried waxing but it’s just too painful for me. Although those blue waxes that are supposed to be painless seem very interesting! The most I could ever tolerate when waxing was between my eyebrows. I used these Sally Hansen wax strips that you warm up in your hands and they worked pretty well! Other than that, I just tweeze the rest of my brow area.
I want one of those Finishing Touch tools so badly though. I’ve done so much research on it recently and the majority of people seem to like it! And cowgirl78 here is just giving me another reason to go out and buy it already lol.Wax strips:



I just shaved my legs for the summer and I forgot how much I hate it!
It’s one of those things I need to keep up on to do a really good job but I always feel gross afterward.
I’d try a wax if someone else did it and then a third person held my hand the whole time.


I’ve always wanted to try one of those at home laser hair removal gadgets. I’ve heard that they don’t work that great for people with thick, really dark hair though. I’ve always tweezed my brows and upper lip and just shaved my legs. Seems like my hair grows back so quickly with shaving and I end up shaving them about everyday. I have switched over to using a man’s razor, because for me, I get a way better shave and much smoother legs. I loved using men’s razors so much better than women’s that I subscribed to the Dollar shave club. Those executive razors are awesome, they are very sturdy and well made and have 6 stainless steel blades. Every month I get a cartridge of new blades and it’s so much cheaper than buying refill blades at the store.


Has anyone found a good electric razor?
I use a razor with disposable cartridges for my legs and armpits but my armpits are so sensitive that it is painful for me and sometimes I develop bumps (ingrown hairs maybe) and then I can’t use the razor because it cuts those open.
I thought maybe an electric razor would work better?