What are your hangover remedies! I know that hangovers are the result of severe dehydration that happens when you drink too much at once so rehydrating is the cornerstone of any hangover fix, but what else do you all do to beat puffiness and nausea?


Electrolytes! Coconut water is a near match to those naturally found in our blood plasma. Also, I take activated charcoal afterwards, since some of the cause to a hangover is from the toxicity of alcohol.


Drink a bottle of water with a multivitamin and an ibuprofen before you go to sleep. Keep an ibuprofen and a Gatorade next to the table for when you wake up. Depending on how you feel, you may want to consider drinking some of that stale left over beer from the night before. Sounds awful, but it will surprisingly make you feel better.


LOL. Well I wish I could give you some great info but I do not drink any alcohol ever. I have a horrible stomach that prefers no alcohol.


Sprite worked for me back when I got hangovers. Color me surprised when some scientific evidence/explanation came out explaining why it did! Sprite hangover cure link I also have friends who swear by drinking Pedialyte the next day. Now, if I have some drinks, I always drink water before bed and throughout the night if I wake up!


i read about pedialyte and how that company has made pedialyte popsicles? the reviews said the popsicles were grosser than just drinking pedialyte.


I personally have not had Pedialyte before but now I’m definitely not interested…


then that’s pretty gross


LOVE coconut water, great one!


I give you this