Happy Monday! Question of the Week - How Have Your Priorities Changed Over Time?

Happy Monday fam! Hope you all had a restful weekend and your week is off to a great start.

Today’s question can be answered about your life in general or about your beauty routine. Completely up to you:

How Have Your Priorities Changed Over Time?

Yesterday’s dreams aren’t always today’s reality. What drives you now, compared to last year or even ten or twenty years ago.

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First let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! Including Furry moms, aunties, sisters, Grammies, guardians even God Mother’s! All who have shown loving care hope your weekend was blessed, loved and appreciative.

As per the topic! My entire beauty routine has evolved over the years more so this year compared to last.
Now I have a routine! Because last year I was still figuring out what products works for me! And a lot of trial and errors. My routine has also evolved since turning 40, I’m more using products that are catering to skin longevity and maintaining its youthfulness also it’s a lot about moisturizing and keeping hydrated, as well as focusing on using more natural and organic products.

Twenty years ago my makeup routine used be a swipe of lipstick, swipe of maybe two different shades of the same color family of eye shadow…but at least one, blush corresponding either pink or peach and mascara and eyeliner and that was only if I was if I had somewhere special to go and it usually took me about ten minutes.
Now I use eye shadow primer, facial primer, foundation with a foundation brush, setting powder, mascara, at least three shades of eye shadow and blending them as well, blush and highlighter, lip liner and lipstick and pink, peach and green concealers and eyeliner…mostly a liquid one. I used to be afraid of liquid eyeliners twenty years ago, safe to say I’m getting braver lol. This is now my everyday when I go out makeup, and it takes at least 45 minutes because I’m still getting used used to all the products and techniques and haven’t gotten them all down yet. I’m totally much more of a makeup junkie than I was twenty years ago too. I’m always happy and open to learning more techniques and tips and making friends with everyone.
Erin McDonald

I take better care of my skin from the inside out now better than ever before because I don’t want to see signs of aging. I workout more and eat healthier. I even buy safer skincare products because I don’t want the side effects of chemicals.

When i was younger my first thought me and lets live for right now, and i still had a service mind, however not as strong. When I was in college I wanted more and after a lifetime in The Navy and Taking care of patients all over. I care more about others and how they feel, how they are treated, I loathe disrespect to anyone. I make sure I am the backbone of the introvert.

I hate to see someone who feels entitled taking advantage of the worker bee./ My husband and I make sure our kids have a heart and want to help others, that they know mom and dad work hard for everything they get. They know they are first and loved. My spouse shares my passion and volunteers with me when i get a call from police or a womans shelter, he quickly will step in with our dinners or baths or whatever. My family and friends know it’s WE not ME

Hi all I am concerned more about ny health, due to issues that have been occurring.

Yes,because I’ve had children. It wasn’t about me at that point,and even when it was it was for their betterment.

Definitely my kids are my first priority now as opposed to when I was in high school my only priority was trying not to fall asleep in class lol!! Since I became a mom I’m trying to make a better life for them and myself. Getting a better job is abother priority which is funny because when I was younger I never even wanted a job. My makeup/skin care routine is going to be my next thing, I really want to try to take better care of my skin and incorporate a good daily routine. And with my makeup I want to learn how to do it better and use better products too.

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what I actually want, instead of just blindly going along with what I’m “supposed” to want. It’s made a really big difference in my life and overall it feels great to do things because I made a purposeful decision, rather than my life just kind of happening “to” me.

Mines have chance so much. Years ago I wouldn’t take care my self from eating anything to buying makeup that was bad for my skin and also saving money was such so bad. I had to learn to save every penny due to finding myself homeless with my sons. Now i tell ya if I have $10 Ill will hold on to dear life for that 10.

My priorities have changed in that I now look for what’s hidden/unseen opposed to accepting what is face value.

Through various experiences I’ve learned that there are often variables in a situation that I don’t see or hear that are having a significant influence on the outcome. If I only focus on the seen and heard, I can make a faulty conclusion. So now I step back and really observe and listen for what’s not always audible.

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