Happy Monday! Question of the week - what skin care trend do you think will go out of style?


Hello hello!! How are you all? Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

Today’s question is one about timelessness. I think there are a lot of trends out there that make sense, and I also know we all love to try new things. But, that said, there are a lot of trends that I have no clue if they are just “trendy” because an influencer was paid to tell us it’s cool or something like that.

So - which skin care trends do you think are legit and which do you think are not going to last?

I personally don’t know if charcoal will last. Although I use charcoal soap on my face and teeth, I just don’t know if it’s actually legit and can definitely see it being a trend.

Let me know your thoughts and have a wonderful week!


I use Dove sensitive soap on my face … too clean my skin


I think the Korean glass skincare system is legit because it takes so much time and effort to do so. I’ve also seen great results with many YouTubers who have tried it. I don’t think the 24Karat gold masks and facial oils are going to last long because I don’t hear about it as much as I use to. I actually bought the 24k powder to make face masks and was really pleased with the results.


I’d say that 90% of the “new” or up and coming products are trendy. Companies have to make that money and keep us buying more expensive items. I’ve really been trying lately to take my entire skincare back to the absolute basics.


I love to try new products! I’m always trying to be keen to the advancements in the Cosmetics industry! However personally I’m not a trend person! I tend to stick to what works for my skin, it took a lot of research and experimentation with different products.


Hello, I am great and hope you’re good too!

I think that things like SPF and facial cleaners would last and they are actually trends. On the other hand, I think that things like lip filler and such may not last unless they make it perfection. I’ve heard of things going wrong. But I may be wrong about this trend.

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To be honest I don’t even know what the skin care trends are nowadays lol! I just recently started trying to take really good care of my skin like better than I was because I see people with full out skin care routine day and night and I didn’t so I want to have healthier skin so I’m just started to do more research on what works and what doesn’t so to the question I guess I’ll take a look on the web and see what I find and I’ll get back to you…for charcoal I think it might last a while but eventually dye out I use it on my teeth and i didn’t even know it can be used on my face!

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I honestly think just as we have all seen before all the trends will eventually go outta style! We have saw this happen so much and then come back years later like we all forgot or something… So I believe just when we start to get really used to everything and start to forget about another…here they will come right back again! I’m not really all that knowing of all the latest trend settings or the latest styles anyway, but me personally I can’t wait for the big hair 80’s to come back around… Some probably did go a bit overboard, but I love the look…and I truly don’t think it will be very long now, we already got the skinny jeans, high tops, “costume” jewelry and bushy brows and big hair is hopefully in the near future! LOL! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I think the charcoal trend will fade away. Yes, there are claims that it is a natural remedy for digestion aid, skin care, and teeth whitening however, before now I had not heard of it so I don’t know how true those claims really are.

Since social media influencers became so popular it’s harder to know what’s really good and what’s just going to be money spent on something you’ll never use. But that’s what they get paid for to “influence” you to buy the product.

There are a few trends that were out, gosh 10 years ago, like cleansing waters and toners. So, those might stick around for a bit since more and more brands have added them, but it could possibly fade away again.

I also wonder about the potential health risks later on down the road for some of these trends (like beauty supplements that are a big hit right now).


There are always new trends that come and go, Korean skin care has been there for a while but so far I am so attached to it.
Regarding charcoal I do not really think it worked for me, I tried shampoo, facewash, teeth powder and I did not really felt a difference.

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Possibile, the Koresn skin care, which Is a big trend now.


I think gold will go out of style. I don’t think there is much benefit to it and people were excited to try it because it seems fancy. It is like those expensive desserts that have gold foil in them. The gold does nothing but make it seem luxurious and more expensive.

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I was using charcoal toothpaste in the morning until I asked my dentist about it. He said not to use it. A toothpaste with fluoride is best and the charcoal stuff isn’t good for teeth. I was using charcoal masks on my face and my dermatologist said that my skin didn’t have as many blackheads. I’ll continue the charcoal for my face, but not for brushing teeth.


There are some studies about the health risks of charcoal toothpaste, and most dentists recommend against using it. This link has a summary and also provides sources for the actual journal articles its claims are based on: https://scienceline.org/2019/04/the-gray-area-of-charcoal-toothpaste/


I think sheet masks will go out of style eventually, and then of course come back again in 10 years! Masks are always trendy but the specific type that’s “cool” seems to rotate between peel-off, sheet mask, the kind that has to harden before you wash off, and the lotion-y kind.

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