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Hello beautiful community! I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a great start!

So, this week’s question is admittedly not beauty related, but could be if you really think about it. Regardless, I think it’s an interesting question:

Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside?

I’d love to hear your answers and reasons why in the comments below!

Happy Monday!



I would say true love because that is more important that money! True love is hard to find.



I already found my true love, give me that suitcase :rofl:



I believe true comes to you when you are ready. That being said I have already found my true love so I would gladly take the million so we have an extra ordinary life. Bills would be paid and would love to travel with my one true love.

Happy Monday everyone

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I’ll take that suitcase :luggage: love will eventually come later.



Suitcase please!! True Love is Mine already! <3



I’d rather find my true love. Money doesn’t buy happiness.



A suitcase with 5 million dollars. True love will come to you when it’s meant to be. It may come once or it may come often. 5 million dollars could buy me a life that is debt free. Food that doesn’t come from a government issued card or out of a dumpster. My daughter and I a home that isn’t falling apart. World travels we may never experience. That my friend is better than love.



I found true love, hs sweetheart 26 years later so I would love money!



If you already found one can you now pick the other? LOL I’m good in the love department, gimme the cash :slight_smile:



My true love(husband)was killed in a MVA by a drunk driver. I would take the money because it would help a lot of people. I would provide for my children and help homeless people, veterans, single parents and the Native Americans on the reservations. Sometimes all it takes is a hand-up for someone to turn their life around.

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I’ll take the suitcase :luggage:. Love is companionship, and just because you don’t marry or find your “true love” doesn’t mean you can’t make love work with someone else and be just as happy. Besides, one of the biggest arguments with marriage is money… that $5 million could help make a lot less strain in any marriage.



I’m so jaded, I’m rather find the money. My family is struggling but I’m unable to go out to work because I can’t abandon my Dad home alone. He suffers severe dementia along with a laundry list of ails and needs me to watch over him. That money would secure us a home and reliable transportation, my Kidd could get a worry free education. We could afford to pay someone to help with my Dad, I could have an off day. Woo Saaa if only in dreams​:heart_eyes::star::raised_hands:

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I found my true love at the age of 16. I’d rather have love than money.



I already married the love of my life so i would choose the money and then my love and I could travel the world :slight_smile: <3

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I’d rather have love over money any day. I have my love. Therefore, I’d choose the cash for him and I to live a comfy life.



Excellent question. I would rather find the suitcase with the five million dollars. The older I get, the more my desire to help others increases. I am really moved when I see people in need. Giving, to me, is one of the most fulfilling experiences, as it takes the focus off of myself. Do I want love, of course. But I am convinced that having a heart for others is a guarantee to receiving love.

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Tell me if you think I’m right…So I’m actually going to go with the suitcase, being I believe from the bottom of my heart I am with my true love and soulmate! So I will try to tell you the short version of my love story to explain and let you decide for yourself if you believe I have! I originally met my now fiancée when I was only 3 years old! At that time his mom and my mom had became friends and stayed friends till his mom passed away in Aug. of 2017. So we grew up together being playmates sorta, I always played with his lil sister and he was always with my lil brother. From the time we were at the age to start crushing, honestly I have no idea how old that was, we were both flirting with each other. Now they reason I say idk how old is because I truly believe it was love at first sight even though I was only 3 years old, I just knew somehow some way, one day we would be together! So after growing up together as kids all teenagers get to the point that they no longer want to go everywhere with their mothers. So eventually we grew further and further apart starting at around age 13. I actually met someone else and way to early ended up pregnant and engaged to someone who didn’t care about me at all and while I was pregnant with my daughter me and her father had a huge “falling out” and he cheated on me and somehow some way my fiancée’s mother was there out of nowhere at just the right time. She took me 7 months pregnant to live with her for a while. While there me and my fiancée got close again, but not to close being I was 7-8 months pregnant and about to pop out someone else’s kid. Still I thought there could be a chance for us, but who would ever want me being pregnant with some other guys kid. So after a lot and I mean a lot of thought, I decided I didn’t want my child to grow up without having a mom and dad together. So I forgave him and went back to him. Had my daughter and 2 years later was pregnant again. So pregnant with my second child praying things would just work out for the best we had our second child together, and of course he never changed and still treated me like crap once again. At this time we actually lived across the road from my fiancée’s mom and whenever things got so bad I couldn’t stand it, there she was once again, in the right place at the right time to save me. She took me across the road to her house with my 2 year old and my newborn and I told him to get his stuff and get out of my house. So there I was a single mom with 2 kids and there was definitely noone going to want me now. Oh boy way I wrong! Her came my fiancée to save my day and my life. For a couple months he was coming over voluntarily to help me with any thing I needed, diapers, formula, a break to get some sleep, anything. After seeing he was willing to still do these things even after me having kids with someone else we decided we needed to sit down and talk. We stayed up all night talking about both of us having a crush on each other from the time we were kids. If I had only knew he was crushing on me too, is all I could think. Then he told me when I was pregnant and stayed with his mom the first time he never wanted me to leave, said he was heartbroken even. We talked about all the fun we had as kids, everything we had went through since then and what our future plans were and everything just come together. And now here I am 10 years later, we’ve been together ever since then and even plan to be married in the next couple of years. So I truly think I have found the love of my life, because I have truly loved him for all my life! So tell me what you think, here is pictures first one from when we were kids around age 5 I think I’m sure I have one from earlier but I had that one handy, and the second one is from now!



Without having any second thoughts whatsoever, I’d say true love. You can always make money, (and I am satisfied with decent amount of money) which I love to make because it keeps me active too, but life is nothing without that kind of love in your life.



I would rather find my true love and we have the ambition to go make 5 million dollars.