Has anyone tried MY Konjac Sponge: French Red Clay Facial Sponge



I’ve read some things about it and am wondering if it’s worth the hype?


No I personally have not, Sorry I cannot give you my opinion about it! I’ll let you know if I do however!!
Have a great day!!

Jacqueline Fisher-Wisor


I would love to try it.


I’ve tried a konjac sponge but never one like this one.


I think I may have when I was very little, but I tried something like this for skin exfoliation. I didn’t know it was specific to face and body.


I wanted to try out a charcoal konjac sponge that I saw at a store, but didn’t know they had other stuff in them!


Yes! These are definitely worth it… I’ve been using Konjac sponges for three or four months now and I absolutely love them! They’re gentle but still exfoliate your skin and I feel that with this sponge you actually get more dirt, oil, and makeup out of your skin than without 1.


Yes i have. I did a lot of research on them AND the Konjac root itself and decided I’d try one. I now have two of them simply because after using it for a couple weeks, I knew I needed another one. You don’t need to use any kind of cleanser with it, in fact they almost insist that you don’t because it deteriorates the fibers faster. I prefer not to just because I like the way it feels on it’s own. Its not super exfoliating…it won’t tear your skin up but its enough to smooth your skin wonderfully. I use mine twice a day followed by a nice moisturizer. They are great for your body too. I’ve read that they’re good for dry body brushing but I haven’t tried it. Definitely worth the investment!!


I love mine too! And I agree, I believe it’s great for getting down in the skin and removing dirt & makeup. My face feels great after I use it!!


I think I’ve tried them all. Clay, charcoal, green tea, and tumeric. I got a variety pack on amazon.


I can only say that 95% of the reviews I’ve read about it so far have been raves. I am open to hearing more information about it as well.


No, but love to try it