Have you ever "scientifically" tested a product?


Or at least as well as you could?
I’m talking about sticking to a regimen and isolating variables to determine if you’ve seen a quantifiable difference.For example, in a recent post about favorite butters and oils… have you ever put cocoa butter on one arm, shea butter on another, mango butter on a leg, and jojoba oil on the other for at least a month to see what you would learn?
think this would require a lot of discipline, but would be more effective at being able to judge a difference than simply cycling among products frequently.
Because it takes skin about a month to renew, you would need to stick to the regimen for approx 4 weeks to notice any difference.


What a timely question! I haven’t yet. But I was just chosen to test a pre-serum for 30 days for a skincare website as soon as the product arrives.


I’m in the process of doing that now with a line of skincare I was sent. Besides that, i’ve also tested products for around two weeks or so for a trial to give feedback. I’ve never tried to isolate a certain product for 4 weeks but it is an interesting idea.


i haven’t ever done that, but it sounds like a really good ideal, and it would help me make better decisions on my skin care purchases. thank you i might just try this.


The closest I’ve come recently was when one foot got Aquafor and the other didn’t. The test only lasted 3-4 days but I did see a difference
that was clearly not permanent!


I have never participated in one that one that was that long.
I have tested personal products that way a few times to make sure they wouldn’t irritate my skin.


I haven’t “scientifically” tested anything, but if i start randomly breaking out, I remove products I’m using, starting with the newest thing first. I’ll go back to whatever regimen I was doing before the breakouts started to see what might be causing the issue.


I have never done this thus far but I have been interested in testing a few products to determine what would be more beneficial in some bath and body products I plan to make as gifts around Christmas. Ive just recently stepped outside the box to look toward making different things rather than the just the few I use personally and enjoyed enough to share with others.


I have thought about it but never knew it would take a good 4 weeks so that was a nice fact I am currently sun burned and have been randomly putting products on specific places to see if one helps over the other but this is just like 2-3 day so from reading your post may not be too accurate. So far I am not noticing any differences.When I joined some face care groups many suggested something similar to this mainly to be sure you don’t react badly. I think they said a few weeks but never specific to 4. Unfortunately I didn’t listen and just jumped right in with a few products.
now that I’ve been using face care products for quite a few weeks I sort of wish I had done one thing at a time to see if it is making any difference in my face care.
My friend also suggested one day to just do half my face with one thing and half with the other lol! but for 4 weeks? Some day I may but not today.
Definitely would take discipline for 4 weeks.


I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard it could be helpful.


I have definitely tried this. I have applied different types of hand lotion to the tops of my hands to see which lotion I preferred. I noted which ones left a greasy film, which ones dried completely, which ones left my hands feeling silky smooth.


I have not tried two products at the same time, one on each side of the body.
I guess if a company specifically asked me to do so, in a product test, I would do it, but I’ve never had the discipline to do a direct comparison myself.


No, but I would give it a try!


I’ve never done this, but it sounds very interesting! You’re right, it would take a lot of discipline but I think it could be fun at the same time. Or at least I think so lol. Sounds like the best way to really find out what would be best for me because I’m still figuring that out when it comes to body care.


I have never been an experiment junkie but I love to mix lots of different brands and formulas together.
I love creating fabulous perfect potions.
I also love to mix different foundations as well.


The only “test” I have ever done was with a product that was supposed to diminish the look of cellulite.
I applied to one of my legs and not the other religiously for a month and then took pictures of both legs at the end.
There was a difference…but it was not as dramatic as I had hoped.


I had forgotten that I was sent a Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant to review last year. I had to wear it for a certain number of days and write a review of my experience. I received an Amazon gift card in exchange. As long as I was home, I had no problem with the experiment. But I was really nervous when I had to use it going to a planned event. I was wearing a sleeveless dress and was front and center as the hostess, amongst other things. I would be moving around quite a bit for several hours in the middle of Alabama’s hot and humid Summer. :scream: Thankfully it worked!


That would be the test for sure. I’m curious, did you make the switch to this deodorant as a result?


I have tested a lot products, but not scientifically. This sounds interesting and I would love to try it.


I still use it, but I can’t say I’ve made the switch to it totally. My old brand, Alvera, is just as effective and much cheaper.