Head Colds


How do you treat head colds?When I get head colds my skin is so dull long after the head cold passes I’m trying to wrap this up asap.


I’ve been in bed all day napping on and off, but that’s left me restless at 7pm, I’ve got melatonin, vitamin C supplements, water, and gatorade.
What else works for y’all?


Apple Cider Vinegar helps me get over a cold faster and I like to drink coconut water to keep hydrated. Pineapple juice is also helpful if you have a cough or scratchy throat. I try to avoid actual medicines because I hate all the ingredients and side effects and all of that stuff. If I’m super stuffed up I will sometimes use Mucinex.


i use hot tea, and sliced cucumbers on my eyes, and a saline nasal spray,
and pure honey for sore throat, coughs and scratchy throat. but there is a product out called zicam that can shorten your cold if you use it as soon as you feel a cold coming on. that works really good.


mucinex does work really well. i almost forgot about mucinex


OMG, my wife has either a head cold or sinus problem right now, and I went out and bought her a neti pot 30 minutes ago… she’d never done one before.
These are an absolute must, great for sinus trouble.



I drink lots of lemon tea ( hot water with lemon) and get lots of rest for head colds. I hope you feel better soon


Poor baby, that’s lousy. The neti pot is great for clearing the log jam in your head. Then I’d go for a big cup of hot tea with honey and lemon (or, if you like your tea plain, you can do the honey and lemon separately. It’s to soothe your throat but also to take advantage of the honey’s properties and a shot of fresh Vitamin C from the lemon, which also helps detox) Then take a soak in some epsom salts to ease your muscles and detox a little more. Now, one pair of warm socks and go to bed for as long as you can get some rest. Feel better soon!


I try to rest and drink tea


head colds are the worse! if your sinuses are really bad honestly massaging them helps! sounds gross but it loosens up the mucus…i know gross but i’ve been doing this a few times and it really works…green tea with a little honey is better i feel when it comes to the throat…I really love also boiling a pot of water,
a spoonful of vicks and do the towel trick…works like a charm. as far as your skin…hydration hydration hydration…but make sure it has a pump
that why you don’t spread any bacteria.


Medication- over the counter antihistamine for the day & Nyquil for the nightAccessories- moisturized KleenexWholistic- I heavily rely on messaging pressure points if the congestion is causing sinus discomfort.
Here’s how:


I stick to basics, but I rarely get colds. Like really just one every few years. But when I think to get it, I like to have those Emergen-C water mix ins if I start to feel something even remotely like a cold. I think it’s fairly decent at preventing a full blown cold or head cold from coming on.
If I do get a cold though, I use both Dayquil & Nyquil. They get the job done and I’m at least able to sleep and go about my day without feeling miserable!https://www.emergenc.com/https://vicks.com/en-us/shop-products/dayquil



Who doesn’t like Emergen-C!


i don’t honestly like using medicine, i use the old chinesse home remedy first, hot tea. if it doesn’t work then i have to use something else, but hot tea usually has worked for me. i have heard a lot about emergen -c but i haven’t tried it.


If you have a sore throat, gargle with cayenne pepper mixed in water. It burns, but it numbs your throat and has vitamin C. It works quickly whenever my throat feels off. Mullein &amp: yarrow tea dries your sinuses and any excess mucous goes away- I used it for 3 days and my throat was so dry I had to stop drinking it.


Thanks! (for the yarrow).


I let it just run it’s course.
I try very hard not to take any type of RX drugs.
If I reach for anything it’s normally Advil.


Organic lemon juice squeeze and raw honey mixed however your tastes prefer and add a bit of warm water. Important to not be too hot or boiling. I do these before school starts and other random times to boosts my kids immune system so they aren’t catching things at school.


My go to and
always have a bottle in the fridge product is Buried Treasure Fast Relief ACF.



Diffuse some peppermint or ecaluptus oil.